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Thread: ❄️ Post Your Holiday Wish Lists Here! ❄️

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    Hello s8
    It's almost the month of love!
    I will be happy if we play Valentine's Day 2016 goals again!
    I've been playing since 2017 and I haven't played this mission, and it's amazing! I will be very happy if it happens again!
    Good day to all!

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    Homemade ovens and nixers
    I know christmas's over but :')

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    Hello S8 team!
    These are my favorites
    Mommys Dessert
    Kitty Cocoa
    Princess Cupcakes
    Fenrirs Honeycake
    Hot Hand Pie
    Mincemeat Pie
    Frozen Slime
    Coco Fait
    Black White House Cookies
    Red Velvet Cupcakes
    Dipped Strawberries
    Devils Food Cake
    Hot Chocolate
    Pink Hot Cocoa
    First Kiss Sip
    Love Shake
    Heart Cake
    Love Cupcakes
    Fruit Tart
    Fruit Perfect
    Chocolate Lava Cake
    Chocolate Tart
    Coconut Cake
    Bunny Biscuits
    I can't cook them, they are from past missions and they are locked for me!
    Can these recipes be put in new stoves with new names, but with the same design!
    And play missions with them! I will be happy to cook these recipes in my restaurant! Thanks!

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