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Thread: ❄️ Post Your Holiday Wish Lists Here! ❄️

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    Would love to see the “Fruitcake” unlocked (Basic Oven), it’s the only holiday recipe that it’s locked for me. Anyway would be awesome to unlock all the recipes on all the ovens so everybody have the opportunity to master them. The Bacon Goal (2018) prizes would be nice to see back).Wallpaper and tiles sale would be awesome (those that cost gems, maybe halve the price), the mini tree, holiday counters etc;. oh and also would be so amazing to have the Christmas Version of the game like it was several years ago, with holiday music, snowy landscape around restaurant and bakery, customers in winter clothes. Would be so fun!
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    Thank you for the thread!

    - White Christmas Tree

    - Christmas Visitor

    - Snowy Pine Tree

    - Build A Snowman

    Quote Originally Posted by LavaRain8 View Post

    - Special delivery (Valentine Chest)

    - Pile of gifts (Birthday Box, I already tried this box and hate clowns so I don't want another)

    - Woodburning stove (Winter Wonderland)

    - Carolers

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    - Lyrics Sheet Stand

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    - Reindeer stable

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Gem dispenser
    Chic chef's station
    Chef's station
    Christmas visitor
    Pilgrim Thanksgiving
    Treasure room
    Snowy tree
    Snowball fight

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    I don?t have any holiday/winter decorations since I started playing in January I have to wait like 3 days before Xmas for a sale like in Halloween to have access for those decorations? I wish I could buy some before to be able to decorate my RS!!! And not have them for like 3 days just to storage them...

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    All the winter decorations

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    Santa Pancake recipe
    Snowy Pine Tree

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    I would LOVE to have the Christmas Visitor decor as shown in Natashas post a few posts above mine.

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    Please fix the videos. Also, please provide new holiday recipes for basic ovens not used in goal. I would also like new recipes for the New Year too. Please add more recipes to Chestnut roaster, Cocoa Maker, and Holiday Mixer. Thanks. I really miss Kooky Panda. Thank you for your support of loyal players for many, many years. Be safe.

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    I have always wanted candle tables. �� Thank you in advance. ��Click image for larger version. 

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    Gem machines
    Thanksgiving Feast
    Holiday Tree

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