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Thread: ❄️ Post Your Holiday Wish Lists Here! ❄️

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    The holiday sale is on!

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    Terribly disappointing sale.

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    Why do we bother with these wish list threads? Nobody listens! Very disappointing sale in both RS and BS.

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    Sorry for the delay, but Sale Thread is now up here:

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    Merry Christmas all!
    My wish is more drinks and recipes added to basic oven, stove, grill, drink maker.

    For the future goals, could we have a drink maker added? Instead of oven and stove, how about stove/drink maker or oven/drink maker?

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    Hi all
    I like FRUIT BAR come back please!
    I like and
    Love boat stove
    Charming oven
    Cupids fountan
    Sapphire oven
    Jely oven
    Decadent stove
    Come back I will be happy player this mission! Thank you!

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    Yes, bring back the fruit bar! Maybe add more pizza recipes to pizza oven
    Also, how about more recipes in the drink machine or have goals consisting of a drink machine along with stove/oven.

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    Hello to the S8 team
    I have a suggestion for you, I suggest that every month you run a stove of past missions + the regular missions we perform!
    For example, to release valentine stone for the whole month of February for a price of 60,000 the following month, fruit bar, so that each player will be able to have the stove he wants, without waiting for years for any past mission to be repeated. I want a fruit bar but I can't buy it, the mission has expired. If I have it now, I will buy it. That's why this is my idea. Everyone should have a chance to buy a desired stove from past missions! Thanks!

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