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Thread: GOAL: Fishy Business - 2021 Feb 25 (5 Days)

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    GOAL: Fishy Business - 2021 Feb 25 (5 Days)

    5 Day Goal - Fishy Business
    *Goal should end March 02, 2021 (7pm UTC)*

    *Fusion Sashimi Block will now have TWO pages of recipes.
    Be sure to flip through all pages when looking for new recipes.*

    Fishy Business: Part 1
    Serve 12 Bacon and Eggs (30g to skip)
    - Basic Stove
    - 3 Minutes *under Breakfast tab*
    Serve 12 Bagels (40g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 15 Minutes *under Breakfast tab*
    Buy 1 Fusion Sashimi Block (2g to skip)
    - Must be newly purchased and fully built to count!
    - $20,000 each
    - Unlocks @ Lv. 19
    - 8 Knob + 6 Screw
    Rewards: $1,000 + 30 xp, Seaside Snacks Recipe (unlocks w/ appliance purchase)

    Fishy Business: Part 2
    Serve 12 French Toast (24g to skip)
    - Basic Stove
    - 1 Minute *under Breakfast tab*
    Serve 12 Quiche (30g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 16 Hours *under Breakfast tab*
    Serve 5 Seaside Snacks (30g to skip)
    - Fusion Sashimi Block
    - 1 Hour
    Rewards: $1,000 + 30 xp, UNLOCKS - Lime-Cod Tacos Recipe

    Fishy Business: Part 3
    Serve 16 Waffles (25g to skip)
    - Basic Stove
    - 2 Hours *under Breakfast tab*
    Serve 16 Waffle Balls (20g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 1 Hour *under Breakfast tab*
    Serve 8 Lime-Cod Tacos (20g to skip)
    - Fusion Sashimi Block
    - 3 Hours
    Rewards: $1,000 + 30 xp, UNLOCKS - Lobster Bisque Recipe

    Fishy Business: Part 4
    Serve 16 Omelettes (50g to skip)
    - Basic Stove
    - 5 Minutes *under Breakfast tab*
    Serve 16 Kettle Corn (40g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 1 Hour *under Breakfast tab*
    Serve 18 Lovely Pancakes (40g to skip)
    - Basic Stove
    - 16 Hours *under Breakfast tab*
    Serve 10 Lobster Bisque (40g to skip)
    - Fusion Sashimi Block
    - 8 Hours
    Rewards: $1,000 + 30 xp + 1 Free Citrus Tango Dancers Floor Deco

    Final Goal Prize:
    Citrus Tango Dancers, 3x3, 24 Gem Value (Originally released: March 24, 2017 as Citrus Crate 2nd Prize)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RS 02-25-2021 Goal Prize Inventory.PNG 
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    *Deco placed (with table/chair for size comparison), click for larger image/greater detail*
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RS 02-25-2021 Goal Prize Placed.jpg 
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    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show


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    Disappointing at best. A lot of work, for a small prize! Thanks Annaris!

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    Ty for the info! The food details are ooookay.
    It's still 3-dish display tho.. :P
    I'm just gonna do this to part3

    Want to have more shamrock ovens
    I only have one..
    and locked recipes too
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    I couldn't have said it better myself...

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