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Thread: Fall Feast Event - 2020 Nov 11

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    Goal 9
    Get 3 dinner rolls from fishing
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

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    Quote Originally Posted by jentlezat View Post
    I have a feasting bait hook bought from Stormie, cant use it to fish with, no icon on the fishing wheel to buy one with gems either,
    What happened? Needs to be fixed
    You can't use until you reach goal 9 for fishing.
    That is today.
    Lucky You!
    I got a hook from Stormie too!

    And I must say those dinner rolls look delicious!
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    Goal 10
    Get 3 Mac and Cheese from Apple Trees
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

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    Finally got more Green Bean Casseroles from the Sugar Spinner - I now have 5 Casseroles. The next objective is getting the Dinner Rolls from the bakery, which seems to be proving hard.

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    Blooming apple trees . Hopeless as ever .xxxx

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    Today is the day and happy I have two studios.
    Goal 11
    Get 3 Roast Ham from studio
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

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    i got the Raccoon at the feast table for my first turn in.
    He is so cute.
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    Fed the frig and it changed to tiny frig is this going to be fixed.

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    You need to click the green arrow and you?ll see it on the next screen.

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    What does the sushi chef give? Coins and parts, occasionally?

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