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I've mentioned elsewhere that unfortunately, this is a game of patience, actually Extreme patience. I understand your frustration. Even on my level 200 island I usually need boost last day to get last milestone. But I play bingo and that's at cross purposes with leaderboard so my temple or den may be empty to use for bingo.

It seems to me, without using gold or playing constantly, you cannot play, bingo, leaderboard and tourny together without each of those suffering somewhat.

Back tho to getting milestones. I also have smaller island with fewer resources and there I try to satisfy myself in perhaps finishing 1st or 2nd and get the grand prize dragon. Most times you are grouped with same level players and if you try you can get to top 2. Also those points can get you some apples from global prize. It's not alot but something and then there's the patience. You need to play and grow and realize some day waay down the road, you will have the gold to buy the items to help move along milestones farther. Fyi, I've been playing since late 2014.

Hope this helps and doesn't discourage you,
I agree. Your newer islands have a better chance of getting the grand prize dragon even without completing the milestones. My baby account has got the dragon on the last several lb w/o even though it didn't always get all the milestones.

You almost certainly need 2 nests and 2 breeding dens to get far in the event, but maybe they place you with other players who also only have 1 of each if that is your situation. I don't know.

If you can't spend any gold at all, then I don't know what to advise. If you can spare some gold, though, I will tell you that I use a boost every morning because over the course of the night I usually have things finish breeding, incubating, and evolving - or use gold any time I have all my stuff ready to go at once. I also use an evolution boost and a leaderboard boost when I get the common dragon we are breeding for. Since they are only 4 hours at a time, I use an evo boost and only have to spend 3 gold to get it to level 10.