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Thread: LEADERBOARD: Delicate and Delicious - 2020 Nov 10

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    LEADERBOARD: Delicate and Delicious - 2020 Nov 10

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    You earn leaderboard points for various tasks carried out on your island:
    - 3 points for every hour of breeding
    - 3 points for every hour of incubation (hatching)
    - 3 points for every hour of evolution
    - 2 points for every hour of harvesting
    - 1 point for every 500 food fed to your dragons
    - 20 points collected from the Fruit Haul every 2.5 hours
    - 60 points collected from the Mighty Mixer every 2.5 hours
    - 1000 points for hatching the Cutesy Dragon and raising it to level 10
    - 100-375 points for sending out your Cutesy Dragon on quests
    - 80 extra points for hatching a Breedable Ultra-rare dragon
    - 40 extra points for hatching a Breedable Super-rare dragon
    - 20 extra points for hatching a Breedable Rare dragon
    - 0 points for hatching a Breedable Common dragon

    Local Leaderboard

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    tone Points & Prizes
    Rank Number & Prizes
    Points Prize Rank Prize
     12,500   Pointrine Dragon  1st  Filigree Dragon / Gathering Gold Trophy 
     10,000  Birthday Dragon  2nd  Filigree Dragon / Gathering Silver Trophy 
     7,500  5,000 Firapples  3rd  Gathering Bronze Trophy / 25000 Food / 20 Mystic Maps 
     5,750  Mystery Chest  4th - 6th  35000 Coins / 20,000 Food / 10 Mystic Maps 
     4,250  Mystery Chest  7th - 12th  15000 Food / 25000 Coins 
     3,000  Mighty Mixer  13th - 20th   10,000 Coins
     2,000  Mystery Chest
     1,250  5 Omega Crowns
     750  Fruit Haul
     150  Mystery Chest

    Global Leaderboard
    Rank Prize
     1st  Gathering Crystal Trophy / 1250 Gold / 1600 Essence 
     2nd  Gathering Crystal Trophy / 1000 Gold / 1000 Essence
     3rd  500 Gold / 750 Essence
     4th-10th  100 Gold / 250 Essence
     11th-49th  100 Essence / 50 Mystic Maps / 250000 Food
     50th-100th  50 Essence / 25 Mystic Maps / 250000 Food
     101st-1000th  10 Essence / 10 Mystic Maps / 100000 Food
     1001st-2500th   10 Mystic Maps / 25000 Food
     2501st-5000th   5 Mystic Maps / 10000 Food
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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    Yeah, uuuggghhh

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    I was so unprepared for an LB
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    Normally I don't get angry like this but S8, I'm tired of the garbage you do with these ************s. Yes, I call them ************s. From getting placed in impossible groups to having to craft impossible "common" dragons to getting booby prizes on that sham of a wheel, I've had it. Ever since the ************ with Black Jackal, it's been the same **** thing over and over again. I guess in this one I'll finish 12th or 13th again. Thanks S8.

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    This is only my second leaderboard and I just can't seem to get enough points to reach the milestones fast enough. I don't even have 2,000 points yet. I'm at 1,903 points so how am I even supposed to reach the two pets at the end.. Just seems impossible!! Why ask for so many milestone points!!! Any tips on how to get more points faster?! Or is the only way by using gold??

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    I?m new myself. This is really the first one I?ve been active with. Others on this forum will be able to give you far better advice, but it does appear that in order to score high, using gold is the only way. There are ways to increase your points, like buying more nests and getting a 2nd evolution temple, both which I hope to acquire in the Black Friday sale.

    The game has to make money, I get that. And in order to make money they need people to buy gold. But they do seem to go a bit over the top with the difficulty.

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    Just to add to what I posted earlier, I?m a newbie, so I?m sure a lot of what I?m going to say has been hashed out countless times.

    Of course this game is in it to make money. Nothing wrong with that. And I?m sure that the people who run this game have run all the models to arrive at where to set these leaderboards in order to maximize their profit.

    But I look at it from a customer standpoint. Since Tuesday when this leaderboard started I?ve played fairly diligently. And I look at my points and there is absolutely no way I will ever get even CLOSE to winning any decent prized. They are way too far out there. If I continue to play diligently I might get close to 5,000. And that?s not even remotely close. The way I look at it, if I see that I have a chance to win some prizes, I would be more inclined to spend some gold, But if I have zero chance even if I spend a fairly significant amount of gold, why would I bother?

    Just my two cents that is probably worthless. As I said, I?m quite sure this had been hashed out many times.

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    I've mentioned elsewhere that unfortunately, this is a game of patience, actually Extreme patience. I understand your frustration. Even on my level 200 island I usually need boost last day to get last milestone. But I play bingo and that's at cross purposes with leaderboard so my temple or den may be empty to use for bingo.

    It seems to me, without using gold or playing constantly, you cannot play, bingo, leaderboard and tourny together without each of those suffering somewhat.

    Back tho to getting milestones. I also have smaller island with fewer resources and there I try to satisfy myself in perhaps finishing 1st or 2nd and get the grand prize dragon. Most times you are grouped with same level players and if you try you can get to top 2. Also those points can get you some apples from global prize. It's not alot but something and then there's the patience. You need to play and grow and realize some day waay down the road, you will have the gold to buy the items to help move along milestones farther. Fyi, I've been playing since late 2014.

    Hope this helps and doesn't discourage you,

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    I don?t even bother with leaderboards. Tournaments and bingos are the way to go.

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