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Thread: Making Music Event - 2020 Nov 4

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    Making Music Event - 2020 Nov 4

    Isn't he handsome
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    Final preparations prior to event

    How to Play?

    Getting Started
    1. (instructions on event screen)

    Where to Find Event Items
    All Items are Random Drops
    Piper's Sheet Music - Chocolatier
    Piper's Recorder - Mine
    Piper's Recorder - Lower Levels - Feed Mill
    Piper's Music Notes - Crops
    Morgan's Sheet Music - Deep Fryer
    Morgan's Guitar - Fishing
    Morgan's Guitar - Lower Levels - Kitchen
    Morgan's Recorder - Planes
    Lucas' Sheet Music - Apple Trees
    Lucas' Saxophone - Passion Fruit Vines
    Lucas' Music Notes - Pigs

    Refer to General Guidelines for Goal Event in Event Guide and Frequently asked questions in Goal Guide to know what are the do's and dont's for goals.

    Goal 1 of 8: Music Makers
    Piper, let's dust off our instruments and get ready to play some cool music! I miss playing my favourite instruments!
    Get 1 Piper's Music from the Chocolatier
    Get 1 Piper's Recorder from the mine
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 nail, 3 experience points

    Goal 2 of 8: Music Makers
    Uh Oh, this means I should practice, shouldn't I? I can't remember how to play
    Have Farmer's Outpost
    Get 10 Piper's Music Notes from Crops
    Make 3 Piper Playing in Farmer's Outpost
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Recipe Piper Playing
    10 minutes in Farmer's Outpost
    1 Piper's Sheet Music
    1 Piper's Recorder
    10 Piper's Music Notes

    Goal 3 of 8: Music Makers
    That's okay. We can practice together, it's the only way we'll get better as a group!
    Make 10 Plane Deliveries
    Get 2 Morgan's Sheet Music from Deep Fryer
    Get 2 Morgan's Music Notes from Planes
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 screw, 3 experience points

    Goal 4 of 8: Music Makers
    I can't wait, this is going to be funW what kind of music and w play first?
    Get 1 Morgan's Guitar from fishing
    Lower Levels from the Kitchen
    Make 3 Morgan Playing in Farmer's Outpost
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Recipe Morgan Playing
    45 minutes in Farmer's Outpost
    2 Morgan's Sheet Music
    2 Morgan's Music Notes
    1 Morgan's Guitar

    Goal 5 of 8: Music Makers
    Lucas, are you going to join us in our new band?
    Get 1 Lucas Sheet Music from Apple Trees
    Get 1 Lucas' Saxophone from Passion Fruit Vines
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 Paint, 3 experience points

    Goal 6 of 8: Music Makers
    Yes, I play music
    Get 3 Lucas' Music Notes from Pigs
    Make 3 Lucas' Playing in Farmer's Outpost
    Make 1 Band Poster in Farmer's Outpost
    REWARDS: 200 coins,1 Plank, 3 experience points

    Recipe Lucas' Playing
    15 minutes Farmer's Outpost
    1 Lucas' Sheet Music
    1 Lucas' Saxophone
    3 Lucas Music Notes

    Recipe Bad Poster
    1 Hour Farmer's Outpost
    1 Piper Playing
    1 Morgan Playing
    1 Lucas Playing

    Goal 7 of 8: Music Makers
    Great, let's all get warmed up and practiced! Can't keep the public waiting!
    Have the Wall of Sound
    Put 1 Band Poster in the Wall of Sound
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 hammer, 3 experience points

    Goal 8 of 8: Music Makers
    Yay! It's time for a tour, let's make all of our friends and neighbours dance their cares away!
    Turn in 23 Band Posters
    Visit 20 Community Farmers
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 Magazine Stand, 3 experience points

    Side Goal (optional) (if any)
    My Favourite Band
    Want more items? Get a Magazine Stand and collect Music Makers items from it!
    Buy Music Stand - 250 gems from Market
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    My Favourite Band
    Want more items? Get a Magazine Stand and collect Music Makers items from it!
    Buy Magazine Stand - 250 gems
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Event Prizes
    Turn It Up
    Can you get all prizes from Wall Of Sound? Make sure to keep your gear on!
    Have Wall of Sound
    Get Autumn Boom Box
    Get Autumn Chicken Dance
    Get Autumn Player Piano
    Get Autumn Record Player
    Get Autumn Spotlight
    Get Flowers Dancing
    Get Autumn Dancing Doll
    Get Piggies Dancing
    Get Music Note Path
    Get Monkey Conductor - Exotic Pet - 1 square
    Note: Your event prizes can be found in your cellar.

    Event Boost
    Music Stand - 250 gems
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    Saved for event information

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    Saved for event information
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    This decorations are all new! Thank you Storm8 for giving us new prizes for older players.

    Usually with the 7 day event they are just old prizes
    Paul__ ~ Moderator

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    If anyone has the little sqying for Goal 2 somehow I missed it
    Have Farmer’s Outpost
    Get 10 Piper’s Music Notes
    Have 3 Piper Playing (Made in the Farmer’s Outpost)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moissonor View Post
    Have Farmer’s Outpost
    Get 1 Piper’s Music Notes
    Have 3 Piper Playing (Made in the Farmer’s Outpost)
    Thank You

    I wonder if we get a short leaderboard at nine tonight

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    Goal 3
    Send 10 Deliveries in the Order Warehouse
    Get 2 Morgan’s Sheet Music (from Deep Fryer)
    Get 2 Morgan’s Music Notes (from Deliveries in the Warehouse)
    200 coins, 1 screw and 3 experience point

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    Lower level recorders come from feed mill

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    Morgans guitar comes from the kitchen for lower levels.

    The other bandmember
    Sheets from the apple tree
    Saxophone from the Passion Fruit Vine
    Notes from the pigs.

    Band poster is one of each band member.

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    I only really want The "Autumn dancing doll" just because she has a dress that kinda looks pink. I might place her in front of/near my princess flytrap if I get the doll depending on how it looks.

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