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Thread: Question about Planned Maintenance and Timed Events?

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    Question about Planned Maintenance and Timed Events?

    Wow! It's great to see Planned Maintenance planned for all games, announced so clearly (in forums anyway) at least a day in advance; Thank you so much for the heads up! 😊❤️

    I (and i'm sure many others) am currently working on a few Timed Events all at once. The Planned down time is only 2 hours, but that's a full Energy bar refill! 🥺
    I've never been through game maintenance with s8 before, so while i'm sure everything in power will be done to make sure things go as smoothly as possible it's possible that it may run long or take a little more tweaking than expected.

    S8, Is it possible issue a 40 Energy Crate to folks to make up for the lost [strike]energy[/strike] playtime? 🥰

    I understand that the Maintenance is scheduled for a time when "most players" shouldn't be impacted, but as i'm in a European time zone it's actually during prime play time. 😅
    Time is valuable, and i'm sure it's impossible to pause or extend people's Timers by 2 hours (I'm working on the Hidden Forest Part II, Elemental Discovery Part II, and the current Halloween event; others may be working on other limited-time sections and pausing everything/freezing the game while it's down may be simply too complex!)
    This may be a long shot but I just thought i'd ask! 😊

    Thank you, s8! ❤️

    Edit: Apparently I need more sleep. I just realized that the energy will be there (right?) when the game gets back up, so assuming players who normally game at that time plan for it and everything's used up just beforehand we might be missing 10-15 energy max (as long as Maintenance runs on time for just the scheduled 2 hours).
    So it's not "lost energy" just lost playtime.

    Thank you for the Maintenance, Team! Goodnight. 😂
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