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Thread: New Player.......

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    New Player.......

    I?ve read about strategy?s for getting started, but I would like some input from some of the veterans on what I should focus on in the early stages of playing. Expansions? Any one dragon I need to try for early?

    Just any little tidbits that might not be stressed on the various ?Beginners tips? that I?ve read.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Coins! Coins! And more Coins!

    As a beginner, you'll need loads of coins.

    Look out for the reward videos that have coins as one of their gifts and try watching them, especially the ones that offer them in the hundreds of thousands.

    With the number of breedable dragons, especially Common ones, that have been shoveled into the game, it'll be pretty difficult to breed any specific dragon. However, as soon as you are able, try for the Rare and Super-Rare ones as they will help you with your coin stockpile. Did I mention how important coins are to beginners?

    Also, look out for the offers of gold that come with the tasks of installing other Storm8 games. Complete the tasks and accumulate the gold. Don't be tempted to spend it on the Rare and Super-rare dragons. Save up as much gold as you can because you will really need it one day.

    When the Adventure League opens up for you, participate in the weekly Adventure Bingo and try your best to win tokens. Collect enough to craft the Gold Horizon Dragon (a gold producer) followed by the Neo Diamond (so that you can try to breed Diamond hybrids when you hit the correct level).

    I'm sure that there are long time players who have much better strategies, but these steps were the ones I took to get my baby accounts to a point where they were much less frustrating.

    Good luck.

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    Deadpixel has some great ideas.

    I will also add - build your habitats before you have dragons. The Fire and Forest habitats build pretty quickly but some take several hours and you do not want to have to leave a dragon on the nest, especially something like Stone, which is a white/green hybrid so you could randomly get it once you have those two dragon types.

    I agree - get that Gold Horizon first. It seemed to take FOREVER to get that Gold Horizon but I'm glad I went for him first as he is one of the Gold Producing Dragons (GPD), and the only one you don't have to spend gold to get.

    Also concur on the tasks for downloading other games that give you gold.

    When you have enough essence, get the Dark dragon first - he's a common but level him up to 15 and he's really good in the battle arena (when you get there) and the least expensive to raise up of the good ones (food-wise).

    Not sure what else specifically, at least not right now.

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    Build habitats before dragons. Collect coins early. Expand as soon as possible every single time, even if you haven?t fully cleared your last plot off. You?ll need the space. Save your gold for gold producing dragons.

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