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Thread: What Items Are Most Valuable To You?

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    I would pay gems for an exploration permit dropper. Would also love more expansion permit and trade ticket droppers.

    And a 2nd Royal Exchange please.

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    Like hagypagy said, I think the most important thing is diversity (in theme as well as drops)

    Energy droppers :
    I value Energy droppers the most in my Realm. (I would love to see more of the added to the Mythic Research Center)
    I absolutely LOVE the Pumpkin Dragon prize, it's such a good dropper and so cute. It made me very very happy (and it still does)
    I value my Wizard Schools and Wizard portal the most (because it gives you something great multiple times a day) and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE something similar added to the game!
    I love Energy droppers anyway, but I appreciate you make them look so awesome! Like the recent Ghost Alicorn.. it's stunning to see.
    I also love themed variations on known energy droppers, like the Skelecorn, Mint Chip and Aquamarine Alicorn.

    Non-Energy Droppers :
    I LOVE multidroppers, and (multi) droppers in combination with guaranteed Coin drops (so you never feel like you wasted the energy) like 'Ye Olde Bar 'n Grille' and Armored Black Bear.
    At this moment my most valued droppers are :
    - Cleo, Cleo's Pyramid, Alina, Swirlicorn, Armored Maxotaur and Thankfull Gnomes and Snow Globe.
    - Guaranteed Trade Ticket droppers
    - Decoration droppers (I wish they were part of event prizes more often)
    - Dragon and things with Dragon drops. (because of the chance for Gems and Energy)

    I would like to see more Deco droppers and more droppers with unique/ different combination drops.
    I would also like to see more things that drop 'choppables'. Like the Coral Castle that drops Blue Anemone And the Moth Monster that drops plant stuff.
    It would be fun if there was an Treeple that dropped trees for example. (maybe special trees from former events!) That would make me very enthusiastic!

    Prize Types :
    I LOVE animated prizes!
    I'm sure it's a lot of work, but it's really appreciated! I love having animated things in my Realm, It makes me happy. (including Florizel with the music notes, and the Pink seal with the hearts that fly away from them)
    I also highly enjoy and appreciate added sound effects.

    I really like Buildings, Characters and Animals/ Pets/ Monsters.
    I don't really like things such as the Centaur Alter and Haunted Ballroom. I think they don't look very good and are a bit boring/ empty.
    I tried to include the Haunted Ballroom in my new Creepy Area, but i just couldn't make it look good.

    I would also love to see more event related Walkers that we could buy with Crowns. I mostly like the animal walkers like Pork Chop, Batty and Balto.

    Themes :
    I'm very happy with the variation of themes in the game, and like I said at the beginning of my post, I think that's the most important thing.
    I find I like themes, even if it's outside my 'normal things I like' if it looks good.
    For example, I never really liked Halloween or spooky things, but I absolutely adore my new spooky area and almost all the recent spooky themed prizes.
    It looks so good, and that is one of the biggest joys in this game.

    I also like it if the prizes represent the theme and look good together (which they almost always do).
    I love seeing Cleo next to her Temple, Ping guarding the Warrior's Tent and Alina drinking Tea with Percival.

    Thanks for this lovely game!
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    Faun seal droppers please!

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    Wish list


    I rarely post but I do enjoy reading the threads. I would like a second Ivy hut. Everyone talks about how awesome the Love Shack is so I wish that was available again. I would like to see my inventory sorted better and the opportunity to get rid of items from events we no longer can use. Thank you.

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    Something that I would like to see in the game, unless I am absolutely overlooking it, is a house for Belladonna, Ivy's sister.
    And with that maybe a good storyline, and then her house would have fantastic drops. For example trade tickets, expansion permits, or explorer permits.
    If she already has a house, please let me know. Because..... I may have missed it or forgotten.
    Or maybe it could be Belladonna workshop where we could do our trade tickets, permits etc trades there.
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    I am a relatively newish player and I love this game more than any other. I would play it all day if I could. The artwork and decor is amazing and I love the sense of humor in the story lines. I second most things already said by other players on this thread.

    Energy droppers and Alicorns are currently of most value to me followed by high coin items, gold nuggets, mithril and spellbound dew. I tend not to collect from on the chance energy droppers unless they have other drops that I need as it’s not worth the energy loss. A golden mine is high on my wanted list as well as feast droppers so that I can do more adventures. I also like the surprise of the Barons tent but I dont have a cabbage hut yet so it’s hard to collect cabbages. As I am not yet at level 50 I haven’t needed the expansion permits so much but I can see from others that they become a big need the higher you go.

    I really do prefer progressing the main story lines to events and I feel a bit dismayed by the comments that many lines seem to have fizzled out. I would like to see the Ruler’s own story developed more and also the Baron as he is one of my favorite characters. I would also like some quests that require strategy and planning rather than just vast amounts of collecting from bushes.

    The weekly events get a bit tedious after a while and I am starting to skip the ones that dont give really great multi droppers either with energy, gold, spellbound dew or expansion items. Like bamboo grove, Maybee fairy, Prince Zahid, Autumn Threeple and Pumpkin Dragon for their useful multi drops. I would love it if the event items collected could be used in multiple events, rather than being event specific and clogging up inventory. Pls can the workshops and other buildings provided for events to be used in the main game afterwards rather than just becoming random decor. I would also actually not mind if some of the older events could be repeated now and again for newer players as there seems to be a lot of demand for older items.... Love Shack!!

    I am a bit tired of pets that just drop bone or fur or milk etc. Would like more buildings that are useful, new characters that have story lines that go forward in the game and deco Rewards like roads, walls, trees, hedges, fountains, animated items etc. Would like existing animals like swans, mink, goats etc to have more relevance to storylines.

    One thing that really bugs me is items that are Purchase Only for huge amounts of gems eg Spellbound Dew Flower, Mithril Dragon, Beast Bane. They should be for purchase if you want to speed up the game but you should also have the ability to craft or earn them in some other way even if it takes longer. I cannot do the gem trades in the exchange as I just don’t have a decent supply of gold nuggets even after upgrading all my mines. Surprise drops from adventures keep me coming back for more!

    Another Royal Exchange or some other means of trading surplus items with other players would be very useful. Also would like to know in advance what runes I am getting from elven trades as payment seems a bit random. I have yet to get any gold runes as I can’t spare any big ticket items for trading.

    New royal and Town buildings that give useful drops like Tavern that gives drinks or mill that gives flour, bakery and that are also used more in stories rather than just being deco or coin providers.

    Love monster hunts to get gold tokens but not the leaderboards especially as I am disadvantaged by my time zone. Cannot play to the end without getting up in the middle of the night! Would like more community events that have deco awards rather than just energy boxes.
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    Energy Droppers - While random energy droppers are nice, I sometimes forget who does this. The +2 energy droppers are just annoying (it really only adds 1 energy because it uses an energy to collect.)

    Non-Energy Droppers - Celeste was essential for getting spellbound dew. Mermaid scales were a very limiting factor for the land and seas quest, so the butterfly pond, and other scale droppers were essential. Anything that dropped orange corals was sorely missed, Eoin helped a tiny bit with that but more was needed. Many quests used to rely on mithril, so Renata and my mithril dragon are regular collection points. Feast droppers, Sabina's sweet shop, barber shop, Hilbert, and trade post all save tons of energy with their drops. Trade/Expansion ticket droppers are absolutely critical. The amount of items needed for each trade ticket combined with how many trade tickets are needed for all the expansions is astronomical. I find coins are also very limiting for expansions. I'm excited that I have 7M coins, but I need over 111M just for the expansions I have left (and I've played for years.) So Cleo's pyramid and the Snow Globe are awesome, and I have an area with my better coin droppers but they are mostly 1500-2000 coins per collection. If I relied on them only, that's over 55,000 collections to get the coins I need. When decent coin dropping is combined with very helpful items, it's very appreciated. i.e. Stormmill has good coins and drops flour which was always in low supply in my early days. Princess Lorelei's fountain is a must during monster hunts for the chance at gold trade coins. Greta is wonderful for the earthen beams/blocks that she occasionally drops.

    Prize Types- Pets are cute, but they rarely drop anything that is very useful to me. i.e. I don't need more milk droppers etc. My phone can't handle walkers so I don't have a single one on my board. As mentioned above, buildings are good when they continue to do good after the quest - coins/drops. I'm finally at a place where I can do a fair amount of elven outpost trades, but seriously who makes a trade in 'hopes' that they get something good from it? Why not be able to trade runes up for gold runes? I still find that my gold nuggets lag very far behind my gold apples and Gold eggs - maybe you could let us choose which gold item to use for crafts/trades?

    I always dread Ivy's hut collections in quests. The 12 hour timer is a killer. It would be nice if more generic terms were used, like chop a tree rather than chop a willow tree when that's applicable. So excited to see that 'A grave encounter' had gems as a reward!! So much work goes into upgrading something for quests that it's great when it continues to reward you after the quest is gone with good coins/drops. I find I enjoy weekly quests more when drops aren't random. Chop at a tree get one or two of the desired thing rather than 10 chops to a tree and get 1 or 2 total. It's nice when workshops aren't so overloaded that you end up "wasting" collections. If you chop a bunch of trees it's nice when you can make beams too, etc.

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    What makes a prize valuable to me?

    Definitely art! I am a weird one, I have a couple of things with definitely useful drops (like the colosseum) but because they are rather hideous, I keep them stored forever. I was also on the verge of not finishing the events, because the fully upgraded things are ecstatically not that pleasing as the not-finished one (e.g. the bubble-gum tree or the sleeping beauty bed). On the contrary, when decor is nice, I will spend an ungodly amount of gems/cabbages to get it.

    When it comes to Energy Droppers I am a long-term player. I have my alicorns, but I do not have the propulsion to have a huge herd. It is not for me. Energy droppers are nice, but I am quite addicted to the game and since I visit regularly, I do not need to have a huge energy reserve.

    Non-Energy Droppers (I think I missed out big on the Piggy Cottage! I need to check it out) I like items that drop small things that are frequently used but also things that give small amounts of random material: Ye Olde Bar n Grill gives grits and I love it. Or Percival who gives cabbage. To grow cabbage is 16 hours so over a longer period, Percival is a win if Nadina asks for cabbages. Strawberries are always in demand and yet there are very few droppers available.

    But as far as Prize Types are concerned feasts are the winner. Or adventure ingredients (but mind you, NOT ingredients for adventure ingredients). The droppers of those that we have are lousy, pardon my French. For instance, I have plenty of mercury feasts, I am in fact nearly maxed out on those, but I am never able to collect or produce and equal number number of troll clubs and sentry horns and so it is frustrating and vexing that I am not able to profit from the feasts I have.

    Because I need to raise royal points for expansion, my kingdom has changed into a walled fortress - I am not entirely sure it this reflects the open society spirit of the game. Perhaps there will be a way to increase the royal points in a different way?

    What would I like to see? Aside the things that have been mentioned, different types of floor that one can build on (e.g. not only grass but patches of dirt or some other ‘tiled’ ground. Also roads we can build on.

    I also know what I would like NOT to see: animals. I have always been saying that this is not a zoo story but a castle story. I have always wanted buildings where I could store cows, pigs, horses and sheep (e.g. 10 per each type of building?). Perhaps also alpaca and minx. It would save space and be so much more efficient when it comes to collection.

    Finally, I know you never will, but: LOVE SHACK.

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    I have been playing CS for a long time. I have finished all quests except current ones. I am maxed out on buildings, and most of the ingredients. What keeps me going, is the beautiful art , ease to play, and more land plots to open. My purpose now is to build a high RP, beautiful and functional kingdom. Thus, items that do not contribute to my game play strategies are kept in storage.

    My cherished items, which are placed on my kingdom, are:
    1. All energy droppers,
    2. All permit droppers, especially the confirmed droppers,
    3. High RP buildings/ decorations ,
    4. Beautiful items with lovely animations.

    What I hope for improvements:
    1. Reduce the constant disruptions during game play, it?s frustrating to see the riding horse, especially during WW; (I use an iPad Pro, < 5 walkers, still have this issue)
    2. Give a gem spent confirmation button,
    3. Eliminate the chance drop, this is especially after a 10 hour wait to collect from a singe source, and no drop.

    What I would like to have:
    1. The land choice: currently it?s only green land/greenfield. Can we have a choice for red earth, or sandy desert, or blue ocean, or snowy ice land, etc?
    2. Choice to change the size of items... eg, turn a 4x4 buildings to 2x2, or a figurine of 1x1 to 2x2?
    3. Ease to locate storage items.

    Thank you.

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    Rambling, and faaaaaarrrrr too wordy, but maybe you can get something helpful out of my post. And I love some of the ideas and input others have shared.

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