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Thread: What Items Are Most Valuable To You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtBeebo View Post
    We appreciate any and all feedback so far, but I did want to touch on this point real quick! With the next event we will be rolling out new Academy characters/prizes and scrolls as event rewards
    Omg So great!!
    Can’t wait!!
    Thanks SgtBeebo

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    I think it’d be cool to do something grinch themed this Christmas!
    Other than that it’s be nice to have something that drops enchanted lanterns, and expansion permits. It would be amazing!

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    Can you guys also add an option where we can enable confirmation to use diamonds in settings? Sometimes I accidentally waste them. It would be a great new feature!

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    Thanks so much for requesting this feedback!

    Energy Droppers (What are some of the prizes you find most useful, and why? Alicorn, Wizard School, etc)

    I've been playing for years and managed to build up a decent number of energy droppers. I like the dailies because I can start my day catching up on anything major, or just building up energy. I don't go to the weeklies as much; only when I need a lot of energy for specific events. I would be delighted if the energy droppers (or potential energy droppers) could somehow identify themselves with the icon you click on. I'm not clear why items that don't give water or need to be watered show watering cans. The down yellow arrows could be almost anything! Maybe energy droppers could have a lighting bolt or light bulb? And on the same note, trade ticket or potential trade ticket droppers could have a ticket hovering above.

    Non-Energy Droppers (What are some of the prizes you find most useful, and why? Golden Mine, Piggy Cottage, etc)

    I would love to see more gem droppers. It's always a thrill to get one, but I have trouble remembering what in my kingdom might give me one. The Golden Mine is quite nice, but I didn't realize it wouldn't always give me a gold item if I'm maxed in some of them. So it's not really guaranteed daily. For example, I might go days without getting a gold nugget if that's the only one I'm short on. It would be nice if the mine would default to whatever is short of maximum. I also would appreciate more lumin and enchanter essence droppers.

    Prize Types (Do you prefer pet prizes? Characters? Buildings? Resource Bundles? Is there anything you haven't seen that you'd like to?)

    I'm a big fan of cat and horse types of items (including the big cats and alicorns), and always try hardest for them.

    Themes (Which themes do you enjoy? Is there something you'd like to see in game that you haven't yet?)

    My personal preference is for themes fitting the castle and kingdom setting. So snakes and pigs and sharks and their ilk don't do much for me. Right now, family themes would be very welcome. I would love to see something actually take advantage of the water and be able to place islands and ships and such offshore.

    I am always disappointed that there are so many events each year clearly referencing Easter and Christmas, but nothing remotely suggesting Chanukah or Passover. Maybe give us the chance for alternate storylines with the same level of rewards?

    You didn't ask, but PLEASE could we have a way to search or better sort our inventory?

    Finally, will there be a new opening screen anytime soon? The characters are from old story lines so it would be nice to see an update. Or maybe reward your top designers by putting their items on the opening screen (unless you're doing that already).

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    Would love a character/animal that can either walk or stand still. So if i decided i want my witch trick or treater to remain in the kingdom but standing still because it's a different season or whatever could there be a choice on some of these? I'm not referring to the everyday cow but some of the seasonal characters. Also i have certain animals i collect from first each day. They drop trade tickets, energy, and wisp lanterns. While this is extremely helpful I find it difficult to gain enough coin while trying to collect from everything else and would love larger payouts from certain creatures won by specific goals. Castle Story is awesome!! Better than some pvp games, GOTC for example!! I agree with the notion of the market, including inventory, to be sorted easier. Kitchen for example sorted into categories. Adventure feasts, desserts, basics, etc. And please let us win more crowns for more kingdom walkers.
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    The most valuable prize is confirmed trade ticket droppers, would love to get confirmed expansion & explorer permit dropper. I love big energy droppers, alicorns/ unicorn & armored dire wolves. I enjoy buildings over the animals that only drop earth wisps, fur and bones.
    I want castle story to finish the stories, it?s very annoying to me the way we have stopped our ruler?s, faeries, forest, coral castle, elven storylines. I enjoy permanent storyline more than these bi weekly events.
    I am playing the game almost from the beginning, so I am usually maxed out on most stuff, I wish we would have some type of ability to trade with other players. Like trade animals, decorations, buildings or materials. This way we can get some use out of our overflowing inventory, and help our friends too.
    I would like a new adventure building & Royal exchange as a prize, OR new boosts to reduce the time of these in Apothecary. There?s nothing new in the rune market from forever. There should be some way to get confirmed gold runes.

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    Gem confirmation. My wallet closed significantly after I started having trouble with "unintended gem purchases", which is doubly frustrating because I DO have a gaming budget and WOULD like to purchase items. But I won't purchase gems when I feel they are being stolen from me. When an unintentional speed up purchase of an event-related building or item occurs, especially over the weekend, one can't put the event "on hold" to ask Support for help with the unintended purchase.
    Like stormaura and hagypagy, I could write a lovely list of desirable things, but they covered them beautifully so I needen't repeat. But IMHO Gem Confirmation would give me the most enjoyable, satisfactory gameplay.
    Plz add: SofiaDeo, pinkpresence (Pinks Place), impyLou (Queen Impylou), aaerie (Aaerie)
    Plz ask all 4 or none, thx

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    Did anyone say gem confirmation button? I would pay gems for such a feature :-D

    You could sell it as a gem vault? Building with a guaranteed 1 gem per week drop or something equally tiny + ability to lock gems away until you want to make a purchase. It would look better than a paid for gem confirming feature...

    It's THE most stressful and unenjoyable aspect of this game, worrying about losing your hard-earned gems (through either time or money). A gem trap was the reason why I stopped playing CS for 3 years, because it destroyed all the positive feelings I had for this otherwise amazing game. But I can NEVER just relax and play, because I have to be super careful about tapping.

    This is my number one wish to make the game 100% more enjoyable.

    Other wishes are of course energy droppers, guaranteed ticket droppers, expansion and explorer permit droppers (guaranteed even with a long timer would be awesome). 2nd royal exchange, wisp/seal/cloudberry droppers.

    I also love multi droppers and things that drop 2000+ coins in addition to items. Those I always collect from and then rare drops are a wonderful surprise but at least you get something valuable wth each collection, much less frustrating than something like octomaid that's often just a black flag.

    I love castle themed items/characters, I'm not a fan of "evil/dark stuff", I would love to see a Zen theme, meditating characters, Japanese garden both cherry trees and meditation sand/stone garden, a labyrinth.

    I would love the possibility to decorate INSIDE a castle, perhaps we could travel across the water and discover an ancient castle to renovate?

    I would love storyline content that really makes a difference for our ruler, not just welcoming new characters, but develops the story of our ruler.

    I would love for you to promote the forum in game, "join the CS community, get helpful advise, learn all the steps and requirements of each event upfront" etc. It will only strengthen the game to build upon the social element, it would also be great with new ways of helping each other in-game.

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    Thank you for your post asking for suggestions and for already making some of the requested Halloween decor items available! And I'm very excited for the up coming event helping with drops for unfinished storyline like the academy! I've not begun it yet, but hope those of us who haven't will be able to catch up with those who have.

    Two things that are at the top of my list are:
    *Inventory sorting
    *A confirmation button for spending gems
    - please...this is badly in need of fixing...I think this past month is a great example of revenue boosting gem sales...

    Inventory sorting ideas:
    Search inventory for item - have one main tab with everything with the ability to search
    Hold inventory item and drag it, scrolling past other items to drop where you want it.
    Tabs - put event items in a tab of their own (I like to see past event items, the art is gorgeous) - baking items and feasts in a food tab - glue, beams and blocks in a building materials tab, animals/people in people's tab, etc.

    *Golden nuggets need some help.
    The drop rate is too low and very imbalanced compared to the other gold drops.
    I would love to see the golden mine for sale again to get a second, and for people who don't have one.
    But I think a new dropper would be nice - maybe a unicorn with gold hooves and horn (fewer winged flappies) that drops energy and one or two nuggets a week (with a limit of one).
    And thank you for using golden apples in the last event
    My golden mine is one of my favorite most useful items.

    *Flour/bread/strawberries -I lament that I wasn't able to buy Ye Olde Bar and Grill. When a player buys their first kitchen, I wonder if it could trigger a quest for a gnome baker that drops coins, but sometimes flour and bread, and a little red kitten or piglet that drops strawberries. Could even do a strawberry tree! I would love to have a guaranteed strawberry dropper.

    Beastbane and monster hunt statues I would love to see a Re-release

    *A second Royal Exchange - RonjaR82 had a great idea on the Black Friday thread about new trades with less used items like dragon's scales.

    *Coins (and expansions) - I may have a poor strategy with regards to gathering coin vs gathering other items, but coin has been a frustrating bottleneck for me for expanding from the beginning. The mushroom table, music shop, beehive, Cleo's pyramid, forgotten roost, troll pit and tablet of Tabernum are some of my favorites for coin collecting. I really like Alina, Cleo and Maybee the Faerie for coin and multi-drops.

    *Gifts to neighbors - I wish we were able to gift to more than 3 neighbors.....4 or 5 even. And I wish we had a few more gifts from which to choose.

    I very much appreciate some of the newly added droppers for trade tickets and wisp lanterns. The black flag for wisps is a little frustrating. Maybe have some creatures that drop wisps (with a really small chance to get a lantern), and others that drop lanterns, separating the drops. Early on I would have loved just a wisp dropper. Maybe have a quest for these two, giving a wisp dropper quest early in levels. I love my skunkupining holding his rose so much but I don't get to collect from him anymore.

    Cloudberries and Enchanted Lanterns - I realize there needs to be bottlenecks to slow game play down with story line, building materials and expansions. But I do think there is a little room for tweaking. Cloudberry drops seem disproportionately low. I'd love a cloudberry blue unicorn or alicorn(maybe with lighter green horn, hooves and a small faint leafy design on it's wings). Maybe it could drop 3-6 cloudberries a week along with its energy, limit of one.

    *New and different buildings with royal points..... - I love the variety within Castle Story. I'm not fond of having to have multiple arenas (with a huge footprint) to build my royal points. A group of jewelers isn't fun either. May we please have some new royal buildings? Even new skins in the builder's guild would help.

    *Town building count listed in Kingdom Overview - add it to royal/crafting buildings

    *Building material droppers - my Autumn Treeple is one of my favorite droppers - there could be a golem (or gargoyles!) that drop stone blocks like the Treeple drops logs......maybe occasionally these creatures drop a higher level building material.

    *Trees! (And ponds!) - I love trees. More trees, please. The oak tree is not fluffy and filled out. I would like other trees, even odd colors like dark red/purple/violet, deep turquoise, navy or maroon. I bought as many of the honey trees as I could from the bear event because they are so fluffy and pretty. Being new, I've missed a lot of pretty trees and ponds from past events. It would be nice to be able to store them, too. Maybe have occasional rare one-of-a-kind trees with drops, limit of one. Someone posted later in the thread an idea of decor dropper, specifically mentioning trees as rewards. I love this idea. I would like more decor droppers in general. The drops from the spooky shack were very fun!

    *Event items storable - I would love to be able to store items like the pineapple, freshly dug graves, etc., to be storable so long as harvest hasn't begun on the item maybe. The art is so well done that I would like to be able to use items for decor, but be able to place in inventory if I need to redecorate or need space.

    *Paths/tiles - I would love to be able to layer items, being able to put people or other decor on paths. An example is the octopus and siren....I would like to put them on the water tiles. So they appear to be able to interact with their environment.

    A purpose for empty quest buildingsWe have some buildings like the buzzing workshop and the mausoleum that are empty without a use after the event is finished. I wonder if they could have a craft for coin feature that matches some of the higher drop items like bones, milk, fur, where collecting the items automatically sells it. The buzzing workshop is adorable. I did keep it out even though it's not a producer.

    *Colors! (Maybe even bioluminescence!) - S8 has an outstanding art department. I really like the dark jewel tones on the newly released underworld steed and haunted chapel. I would love some more contrasting decor like this. I think one reason the movie Avatar was so popular was the amazing color, contrast and bioluminescence. Back when I was doing some decorating of a children's library, I was thinking of what things/types of objects appeal to humans and I came up with: color/contrast/lighting, texture, water, stone, metal, glass, ceramic/pottery, plants, movement, scent, animals and people.....

    Themes (Which themes do you enjoy? Is there something you'd like to see in game that you haven't yet?)

    Themes I love but wasn't around to do:
    Pink animals and pink/red trees/shrubs
    Sleeping Princess

    Wizard of Oz theme idea
    Emerald castle (instead of city) new trade building
    Dottie's house - building that is used to craft some of these new items
    Dottie (and maybe her dog) (clothing, woven rugs trade to use more goats?)
    Munchkins - gardeners (maybe drop flowers for new trade, or herbs for Ivy or Belladonna...and honey bee could drop honey)
    Scarecrow men/women (new craftable baskets, matts, maybe wooden items for trade)
    Copper/Tin/iron/metal men/women (could make each character of multiple different metals too)(metals for new trade possibly candlesticks, blacksmithing tools, horseshoes, nails, metal cups/plates/pitcher, other crafted items)
    Lion/tiger humanoid? (Fur trade or crafted trinkets like courage, intelligence, kindness, etc)
    Oz (magic items trade)
    A horse of a different color - unicorn that color changes every 4-6 seconds (slower than leaf rolling piggie), animation maybe hoof stamp like Philomena just before color change
    Not sure where to add in wicked witch....maybe make a good witch like Glenda, or have the witch be a friend or cousin of Ivy/Belladonna whose skin was turned green by a cauldron or potion mishap.....
    We could have munchkin skins in the builder's guild for cottage, farmhouse, marketplace, jeweler, windmill, watchtower, lantern spire, kitchen, magic forge, potion shop, workshop, etc...
    Could shrink down the mushroom people (smaller heads with new colorful hair) to use as a base template

    Glass/gemstone buildings - the thought of emerald castle made me think of other colorful glass.

    Clock tower new trade building (Notredame-like)
    With gargoyles storyline
    Gargoyles drop various items like stone block (like Treeple), metals, coal, etc.
    we could do some skins for this group too in the builders guild maybe
    Esmira the gypsy, maybe travels to gather parts for broken clock tower (short term adventure)
    Likes music and musical instruments? Gold jewelry part of crafts or quest line?
    Gypsy wagon
    Pet monkey with fringed vest, maybe a small drum
    Watchmaker/clockmaker father
    Watchmaker son works to keep the clock tower working, maybe needs tools - likes Esmira, cleans gargoyles?

    Energy Droppers (What are some of the prizes you find most useful, and why? Alicorn, Wizard School, etc)

    Alicorns and The Wizard school are extremely helpful. - I gather from the wizard schools as often as I can several times a day. The daily and weekly droppers offer flexibility, boosting energy under different circumstances. Both are valuable. Energy droppers are probably #1 on my list with coins being needed second.

    Wizard school - awesome!
    Weekly droppers - huge help - it might be nice to occasionally add one resource to drop along with the energy
    Daily droppers - equally as important. I like that they also tend to be multi-droppers like Prince Zahid who doesn't cost energy because he always drops at least one, but is also a multi-dropper. My absolute favorite daily dropper (and possibly my favorite character) is the pumpkin dragon because his graphic is outstanding.

    Non-Energy Droppers (What are some of the prizes you find most useful, and why? Golden Mine, Piggy Cottage, etc)

    Golden mine - need another sure source of nuggets, please
    Beastbane statue & Lorelei's Fountain(token & scales) - although my golden token rate seems very low I still find it helpful
    Tinker camp
    Baron's tent and cabbage hut - this is an energy free resource for small items/coin, and a wonderful place to get
    New items for my kingdom.....the pumpkin dragon and gentleman troll have been my favorite items from it
    Mithril dragon
    Witch's Cauldron - love this new addition to my kingdom, always excited to see what it will drop
    Toxic Spirit, Ladybug Faerie and Wisp - help with expanding
    Petunia the Bard - super helpful for essence
    Gentleman troll - helped me start troll hunter trade early, good source for horns, wish I'd won two - helps coins
    I wish we had more troll persons.
    Ninjaga- helped me start naga hunter trade earlier - wish I had other naga that look different - helps coins
    Some newer players have neither troll nor naga.

    Mushroom garden, music store, bee hive, Kang and Ping are good sources for coin
    Alina is a good source for coin and drops other items. She, her mushroom table and my fawnicorn are my first collect each day. Maybee the faerie is next.
    Fawnicorn - I only have one and wish I had more for seals
    Sephina the Sphinx, Beatrice, Percival bunny, Jungle throne, peacocks are good reliable sources for jewels and/or silver

    Prize Types (Do you prefer pet prizes? Characters? Buildings? Resource Bundles? Is there anything you haven't seen that you'd like to?)

    Generally I like how you include a couple of humanoids, an animal and a building or two (yay for 1x1 or 2x2 buildings)in events. But In my kingdom, the proportion of people to animals to buildings is a little awkward, feeling people heavy. Because of it I have few walkers out. What about some decor items that drop coins and resources like humans do?(see trees and gargoyles above) If there were too many 1 square items that would clutter things, but adding a few would look nice.

    More ponds or water. The art department makes beautiful things! And please code them so if we need drops for an event, all of the water works. I dislike clicking water to see if it is included in the event, or at least tell us which ones work for the event. I loved the oasis, but I dislike having it give experience only after the event. There are a ton of items that give exp. It's a click trap. I frequently have to stop my avatar from her collecting to interrupt having clicked on one.

    I mentioned it earlier but I would really like new royal buildings, and some ability to add new themed skins to buildings already created. I would love the haunted buildings skin . As much as I'm not all that into Halloween, I thoroughly enjoyed the events, rewards, purchasable items, and decor.

    Things I like
    Having event buildings for the quest adventures allowing me to do regular ones in the queen's court
    Having creatures for sale in the market that drop items for expansions - wisp, ladybug faerie, sludge monster
    Being able to plant a high coin yield crop (wish strawberries were earlier, love fellora)
    So many buildings have a smaller footprint.

    The things I don't like are pretty few.
    So few reasons to have the cute little goats.
    The one graphic I really am not fond of is the horse (Clydesdale graphic used on the alicorns is nice). Is nose is a little too bulbous, one ear too far back, and it has a 70s hairdo.
    Black flags are frustrating, but understandable. Love the idea of multidroppers, but I also suggested some single droppers above. Could sub in coins if the item is full, or random item not filled in inventory.

    Tooooo wordy, I'm sorry. It's been a long week. Hopefully y'all can find some helpful info there. Regardless of any complaints I may have, y'all do a tremendous job bringing a fun game to us. And thank you for listening, and communicating.
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    Definitely all about energy droppers, especially daily. I do like my weeklies and I?m slowly getting those synched to the days I need them most but daily droppers on shorter timers would be AMAZING! Maybe a few that at least drop 5-10 energy twice a day? Maybe even turning some existing low daily energy droppers into multi-day drops (like Asher and Amara that only give 2-3 energy) on 4-5 hr timers.

    I have a lot of earth wisp droppers (that also have a chance for lanterns, trade tickets and expansion permits) but I?m ALWAYS maxed on wisps and end up only ever crafting lantern after lantern after lantern... I?d also like some items that drop the tickets/permits more often. Someone mentioned an explorer?s permit dropper that drops 1 every three weeks, that would be amazing for those and marshland permits too!

    I?m completely maxed on rainberries, can we get a recipe or a trade that uses those? Like a trade to turn them into cloudberries? Then I might be able to use all of those lanterns I?m always crafting to craft the enchanted lanterns?

    Also - I?m on board for a story line that requires the eleven reliquary - I?m not even sure what its purpose is.

    Someone mentioned the wizard of Oz for an event. Can Dorothy?s house PLEASE land on a witch in my kingdom for an event, maybe a three part event like we just had for halloween so we can go on her journey of meeting the tin man, cowardly lion and scarecrow? SOO much you could do there and y?All are crazy talented with the graphics I can only imagine how amazing it would all look!

    I?d also love to expand to an island (actually in the water!) or a mountain (actually in the mountains!) it could be like when we visit our neighbors, choose to visit your mountain kingdom or your island getaway Instead! (really want more options to display my decor and buildings and all of the great things y?all create!)

    Please, please let us organize our inventory better!

    It would be amazing to open up a trade for decor or materials with our neighbors to move excess inventory - a little monthly swap meet could be fun!

    I?d like to be able to move Nadina?s post.

    For past event items that don?t drop anything (like the desert tomb and oasis trees) can they be turned into decor? The collection icons are energy traps and I?d like to be able to see the items (love that the warrior tent and bamboo from the Mei storyline are all decor!)

    I like the 2x2 buildings and singe space items the most, lets me display more items.

    A scroll to crown, or crown to scroll exchange would be FANTASTIC!

    A golden item exchange so you can trade items you?re maxed on for items you need (10 golden apples, 5 golden eggs and 10k coins for a golden nugget?)

    Finish the main story lines that just ended out of nowhere?

    LOVE shack baby! Give us poor souls a chance to craft an Alicorn!

    NO MORE WEDDING Events. Or if you must, let?s get some catering involved as crafting options. I wanna see some cake and some little crab puffs for appetizers and a three course dinner or something!

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