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Thread: What Items Are Most Valuable To You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TequilaShots4me View Post
    Do all alicorns drop energy? I?m looking at making one in the mystic research centre.
    Yes, Alicorns are energy droppers. Though, the amount of energy and other items included in their drops will vary by type.

    If you want details on the specific animals offered in the MRC I'd recommend reading the HUB post on the subject wherein SW has included all the pertinent details.

    For info on other types of Alicorns, the HUB Inventory Guide is probably your best bet for details. Hope this helps!

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    I am sure it has been mentioned, but I would love it if Bronze, Silver and Gold Trades remained available in Trade Wagon between Monster hunts. By now I have Beastbane statue and three unicorns, and they drop Shield tokens which are useless in Mythic Research Center. In fact, Sword and Staff tokens are useless if you are out of Troll tokens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtBeebo View Post

    We on the Castle team would like to reach out to our players in hopes of making everyone's Castle Story experience the best it can be. We would love to get some feedback on what makes a prize valuable to you? Please feel free to share any feedback you have on the following:

    • Energy Droppers (What are some of the prizes you find most useful, and why? Alicorn, Wizard School, etc)
    • Non-Energy Droppers (What are some of the prizes you find most useful, and why? Golden Mine, Piggy Cottage, etc)
    • Prize Types (Do you prefer pet prizes? Characters? Buildings? Resource Bundles? Is there anything you haven't seen that you'd like to?)
    • Themes (Which themes do you enjoy? Is there something you'd like to see in game that you haven't yet?)

    We look forward to your feedback and getting to know what you, the player, enjoy about Castle Story!
    Value of prizes
    I go for coins, expansion permits and energy droppers.
    I am continuing to accumulate Royal Points as best I can by upgrading buildings....Castle Story should consider making accumulation of Royal Points matter more in events in some way not just the Level of the player.
    I would like a chance to earn prizes from the past events....namely Gold Mine and Beastbane display (?) without having to buy with gems.
    I would like to see a way provided to complete certain (not all) unfinished Levels of items from previous events. Example: I have a Great Holiday Tree Level 5 and I need more ornaments to level up to the final Level........SO CLOSE!!.....could you create future events where parts from old events are used again to make a new item but also for other older prizes to ALSO be completed? Another example: to complete Snow Castle I need more Winter Blocks and Winter Beams
    Themes I enjoy.....gnomes ( CS creations are adorable) and anything related to Little Red Riding Hood, Three Bears, Three Pigs and other fairy tales.
    Continue with the Elven Reliquary and bring items created there into more of the storyline.
    The Academy and Marshland additions have lots of potential for story expansion. All the weddings (that people seem to dislike) can lead to families becoming neighbors and friends (or they could begin feuding)......and children going to school at The Academy!
    I am thrilled with the recent release of the character named Monsieur Wulf. He is dropping Direwolf milk which I was lacking. Now I can acquire the last remaining pups I was missing from Ivy?s Magic Nursery.
    I find the buildings that drop higher amounts of coin most useful.....Cleo?s Pyramid

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    Energy droppers with more than 2 energy. Our board has grown over the years and impossible to clear it. Also a list of items that drop energy. I been doing these Updates for years I have forgotten what drops what.

    Non Energy droppers. Trade tickets, gold nuggets. We seem to use these more often than the other gold items and it prohibits from upgrading our buildings that need gold to up grade. I like the trolls they help with the money trades. As it is hard to catch up spending so much money during the event so increase the money drops I like when the combination is a lantern, with additional items like wool and a sword, or vest for adventures. The sea dragon that drops the different color shells helps out. I like getting the red dragon because it is helping me acquire materials needed to free the new people. I like Fairies, hey Cox a large butterfly would be really pretty. And if it says it drops an item make it drop the item says it will draw sometimes I get items and I never drops what it supposed to. So make sure that the item drops what is promised. I like the Little Village is in the swamp and things that you are coming up with they are fine does it say anything about the king just need more room all the time LOL.

    If you could put a limit on the number of farmhouses, cottages, taverns instead of classifying the number of town buildings and any new introduced building is in his own category so you don?t have to sell all the things that used money and materials and we have to sell it. We need our farm houses because we are constantly using them I am at a goal and I?m supposed to make the little teeny tiny glimmer houses and I don?t know how many I have to sell because I don?t know how many I can have ? I sold one of my farm houses but it wasn?t enough. So Am I suppose to delete the event houses that we spent a lot of time on and are cute and goes with the theme. I don?t really want to sell any of the town things that I have earned. I have to add these little teeny tiny glimmer houses to reach a goal but I sold one farm house I should have been able to put the glimmer house down. But it wants me to sell more. We should put them in the fairy department or blythewood not the town department ...fairies live in the woods and gardens. I love the detail used on certain items. So for non dropping items I like when there is a mixture of needed crafted items, money, lanterns both blue and yellow and finished trade tickets.

    I really liked the bamboo asian bears with the oriental home. I also like the way the trees were made that came with it during that event they really look cool like a good filler. Putting things together and making a oriental water garden with a goldfish the coi, and the oriental house with the dark rich brown and the green. I like the sea theme. I don?t care for those stuffed looking doll creatures that do nothing. W don?t have room your a much better designer like the foot bridges that we have really nice together with the bears. Themes that can be added to what we already have but have mimic like a neighboring effect. Makes the board more attractive. No more pigs or big bad wolfs lol. Items that goes with what we already have.

    Also, letting us delete material you know we are never going to use. That will help load the game faster. It takes gems to upgrade any thing we have not crafted or material unused. Some thing with red walkways or paths. Like showing off Greta?s castle. She and Ivy throw a party and the get change of clothes or outfits to wear to the party same for the guys like a masquerade or a ball. Thurston visits the swamp Lady and they go fishing and finds a sea creature. The The birds and the bees get together a make a beautiful planetarium.

    What do you think?

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    I would love a Greek themed event. I have Centaurs, Satyrs, Minotaurs, a Chimera; but no buildings or deco that match.
    A Viking/Norse theme for my Valkyrie.
    And an Australian theme for my cockatoo.

    Prize Types-
    Given that expanding costs more and more permits, I would really like a building that dropped Expanison or Explorer Permits. No more “expansion supplies” prizes that drop Earth Wisps or Wisp Lanterns, we already have so many and most people are always maxed on those.
    Why do we even have an Elvan Reliquary? None of the crafts inside have any use.
    Update Rune Market.
    Update Ivy’s Tent.
    Update Neighbour gifts.
    More Scrolls.

    Instead of the same holiday events every year can we try something different? Like Hanukkak instead of Christmas or Dia De Los Muertos instead of Halloween? What about Diwali? (Indian festival of lights) Or Ramadan? Or the Chinese New Year?

    Our inventories are becoming harder to manage now, given how much stuff is in them. We need a search bar for the inventory. It took forever to pull out my Christmas decos this year.
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    I only play Castle Story, but always welcome new neighbors.

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    Useful items:
    Early on in game was the Watch dogs that came with the guardsman since they drop feasts and swords armor. Wizard school.

    Now, as a player of a few years: advanced feast and sweets droppers (thankful gnomes etc), Permit/ticket droppers, energy droppers. Speed up runes, and the energy return on crops/monsters from having collected from that stone thing so many times. Pots of gold.

    Would like: a second Royal exchange, an item that drops explorer permits, more types of paths and walls. Some varied height decor (everything seems the same size from events). New trees of different color that only take up one square. A confirmation button in gem speed ups. A way to discard old items from inventory from old events that we can?t possibly ever use and a search feature for inventory.
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    I do prefer the 7 day 40 energy droppers like the alicorns rather than the daily droppers, a few of which have been rather stingy, dropping 2 energy.

    As a long time player, with a huge kingdom that has still yet to fully expand, I would appreciate items that have guaranteed drops of explorer permits and enchanted lanterns, not items with a chance to drop these. Even though I am usually full on earth wisps and lanterns and have plenty of trade tickets, it is not easy to have spare time on the royal exchange to make expansion permits before making explorer permits and the workshops is usually too busy during events to make enchanted lanterns. Also more items with guaranteed gold drops like the golden mines would be fab!

    Many prize/reward items have chance of dropping a variety of items, most of which may be useful for lower level/newer kingdoms but are completely useless for established kingdoms like mine. The items with feast drops are good but again I prefer to be able to click on a few items to get guaranteed drops rather than having to tap on 30 items to get that rare random drop, especially annoying when the black flag shows up continuously that my kingdom is maxed out on multiple items. So guaranteed droppers or items with a very limited range of related drops would be preferable.

    I like monster hunts without a leaderboard, but instead lasting longer than a week and with more creatures to craft. Perhaps we can have a giant or anime creatures like soot sprites.

    Theme wise, perhaps something with medieval ships (not pirate), questing to fight mythic monsters like those in Clash of the Titans.
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    Love the multi-cultural theme ideas, yes please! I love everyone's ideas, actually. S8 has gotten much better in recent times on skin color variety of characters, so it seems a natural development.

    Everyone is in a diff place in their development....

    Energy droppers always awesome, esp w the more than 2 at a time. I know they average out same as other dailies, but it still feels so meh/hard work to collect from a slew of them on the days the yield is more towards the 2 end.

    Deco droppers - e.g. I have been wanting marble walls for ages.

    My realm bottleneck is expanding, so would love more and reliable droppers of tickets and permits. Could a permit be a weekly, for instance, like an ali?? Or even every two weeks? Everyone is different, I prefer reliability in both my friends and my item droppers. : )

    As per the bottleneck, I like event packages that have expansion permits in them.

    To continue the certainty theme - yes, much much prefer longer timers and guaranteed drops as my realm is getting cluttered too. Dragons are gem droppers, would love to have more gem droppers.

    (Edit add: I know this isn't an item but it is an appreciation) To further continue the certainty theme - I LOVE it when S8 passes on prize and event info, and when the team communicates on the forum and responds quickly to bugs in events. I feel fuzzy warm, respected and heard when S8 does that, even when it isn't me that has an issue, because the community spirit on the forum is so strong. I also like it when S8 learns from previous events on what *doesn't* work for many players - it's awful to hear about people who can't finish events because of event structure or bugs. And I do love that warm and fuzzy feeling when our community is cared for. : )

    I love getting weekly alis from the videos! Who wouldn't?

    I love the confirmation of resource spend button... any chance of expanding that to gems? I have lost hundreds in my years of play.

    And, S8, Thanks for asking!!! SO appreciate the thread! And reading what other people want! : D
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    Coins, expansion permits, energy droppers and golden item chance droppers are my most valuable items.

    It’d be great if the inventory was better organized with search option.

    The return of coveted items from previous events in new events like the love shack, golden mine, beastbane etc. would be awesome!

    I love the art work!!!

    Thanks for asking our opinion!

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    For Themes:
    I just realized this morning that my kingdom could use an Apothecary or Doctor.
    Ivy has to have some place to get her rare ingredients. My citizens don’t have a place to go if they get ill. S8 has had some great artwork, so I’d be interested to see what you did with an apothecary shop or something like it.

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