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Thread: What Items Are Most Valuable To You?

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    I like buildings and less animals. Fairy tale themes are great but I would like more castle type items. I really liked the moving items such as the graveyard with the flying ghosts. It had movement and was great to look at. Something like a guard tower with an archer shooting arrows. Main wish is that the sizing of items would be the same proportions. I was looking forward to getting the fencers in the 3 pigs storyline until I saw their size next to the houses.

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    All the different items in the game come together to bring balance to creating our queendoms/kingdoms, so it isn't easy to point to particular items that are very much more valuable than others. However, there is one thing, though it may not be considered an item, that I feel is of supreme value to CS, and that is stability; a game without random rollbacks.

    The game suffers from inexplicable rollbacks where we would carry out several tasks and suddenly see the galloping-knight-on-a-horse, or not, and have one or all of the tasks we performed undone. Case in point, in the latest event, "Whipped Into Shape," I had cleared two large fields of corn, battled twelve Troll Chefs, and proceeded to craft the Whipped Cream. Imagine my surprise (actually, I wasn't, because this happens all the time) when I came back to my game ten minutes later to find that the crafting hadn't been started, the 12 bottles of Heavy Cream was reduced to 11 and a quarter of my cornfield miraculously resprouted.

    I am confident that you understand how important stability is to us gamers in games similar to CS and how frustrating it is for us when we collect drops and set crafts running only to return a few hours later or the next morning to see everything undone. It gets even more frustrating when we are told the fault lies with our devices (even though they are the latest) or our internet connections (even though every other game or application we throw at it runs fine).

    This rollback issue has been going on for years; I think it started sometime in 2017 but is worse when we have unlimited energy and are chopping continuously at trees, rocks, and other whatnots.

    I hope you don't find this post to be off-topic. We were asked what items we thought were most valuable, and for me, the most valuable item would be a stable game.

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    1. I love the wizard schools and would like to have an option to upgrade them and have more of them. Like them more than alicorns
    2. I really want some guaranteed ticket and expansion permit droppers. All my animals ever drop are wisps which helps but I need tickets.
    3. Not really fussed about citizens unless they come with story lines. Would like to see a baker which comes with oven who drops baked goods, an alchemist who comes with a cauldron where you can turn stuff to gold like Mithril to gold, apples + some potion to golden apples and so forth
    4. We have a royal exchange would like a commons exchange where we could barter or sell goods to other community players and earn trade tickets.
    5. For themed events or event permanent addition would like to see a fashionista come to the kingdom and do make overs for our main characters
    6. Inventory storage to be made easy to sort through
    7. Easier options to redecorate our queendoms

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    We desperately need something that consistently drops the seal of the faun. That is my bottleneck to explorer permits.

    Something that drops explorers permits would also be good.

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    My inventory is full of unused resources from past events, such as hay pile and pig pen, and some unfinished event buildings, such as Piggy Cottage which I only got to level 6. As things stand, these items are completely useless, and most of them cannot be sold, even for 0 coins.

    I am not asking for a way to complete these unfinished buildings; I realize that would defeat the whole point of a TIMED event. Still, I would like:

    a) A way to sell or just get rid of the leftover event resources.

    b) A way to trade the unfinished buildings for something useful. Maybe, to make it interesting, a craft shop which takes apart unfinished event buildings and converts them into resources of some kind. Personally, I would love to convert them into Troll Tokens.

    Speaking of converting items: A gold smithy where we can melt Golden Eggs and Golden Apples into Golden Nuggets! The demand imbalance between these three items is just absurd. A 3-1 ratio would be quite satisfactory.


    Quote Originally Posted by fari85 View Post
    4. We have a royal exchange would like a commons exchange where we could barter or sell goods to other community players and earn trade tickets.
    THAT. An in-game auction house, which is a common feature in multiplayer games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyzau View Post
    Bi-weekly or monthly challenges that are NOT too hard, but allow for a casual player to still acquire all prizes and goals. Baby-sitting the game for a 2-hr collection is not enjoyable, having to craft, search for, collect with reasonable intervals is very enjoyable.
    Least enjoyable of all, and in fact what made me give up on several events (including Three Hog-ateers), is "buy a 20-chop object from store, chop it 20 times with no guarantee of getting event resources". This is just an energy sink, and absolutely dreadful.

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    Love Shack please?I used to have it but lost that game. Started over and I so miss it!
    Gem confirmation. It's quite shameful that it's not included. I'm grateful for the free gems here and there, but I've accidentally given back hundreds.
    Love the community trade/market suggestions?yes please!
    Searchable inventory! ideally with more detailed tabs as suggested elsewhere.
    Put Alicorns and/or energy droppers back in the Baron's tent on a more regular basis.
    Make drops abundantly clear on all elements' cards?"pet it and see what it gives you" is not helpful
    One last suggestion—if crowns are to be the reward, give more characters with goals to fulfill and additional items such as the tradesman and the guardsman.

    Thank you!
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    The most valuable pieces I have right now are trade ticket and expansion permit droppers. I love the guaranteed trade ticket droppers. I think a weekly guaranteed expansion permit dropper would be a great prize.

    It would also be nice to have something that has a guaranteed (or at least high probability) of dropping the seal of the faun, wisp essence, snake skin, or muddy compass: these extra expansion materials are a hassle.

    And I agree with the people who have suggested that an extra royal exchange (or something that just does the trades for the expansion materials) would be really nice.

    In terms of energy, I love my wizard schools and portals, and would like to see more of that type, which you can level up without taking more space on the board. I don’t like it when you introduce energy droppers that are essentially daily Alis, but which take up a lot of space on the board.

    I also like my guaranteed feast droppers, and would enjoy having at least one more.

    Finally, the next time we have a monster hunt, you should mix up the deco prizes that come with the token trades. The way the hunts are structured right now, most people do the gold and bronze trades, but not the silver trades. As a result, I have huge numbers of gates and towers and lots of paths, but no walls to match them! And the styles for all of these have been the same for years: I’d love to see some new types introduced. (In particular, I don’t have enough winter-themed paths).

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