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Thread: What Items Are Most Valuable To You?

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    Lightbulb What Items Are Most Valuable To You?


    We on the Castle team would like to reach out to our players in hopes of making everyone's Castle Story experience the best it can be. We would love to get some feedback on what makes a prize valuable to you? Please feel free to share any feedback you have on the following:

    • Energy Droppers (What are some of the prizes you find most useful, and why? Alicorn, Wizard School, etc)
    • Non-Energy Droppers (What are some of the prizes you find most useful, and why? Golden Mine, Piggy Cottage, etc)
    • Prize Types (Do you prefer pet prizes? Characters? Buildings? Resource Bundles? Is there anything you haven't seen that you'd like to?)
    • Themes (Which themes do you enjoy? Is there something you'd like to see in game that you haven't yet?)

    We look forward to your feedback and getting to know what you, the player, enjoy about Castle Story!

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    I would love to see decoration prizes in the game for things like milestones, individual prizes, community prizes, or in goals reaching the grand prizes. I wouldn't mind if they were old decorations that a lot of players don't have or just recolored previous decorations. I feel like when we get decoration prizes, especially on a longer 2 week event, it makes the game more enjoyable and gives me something to look forward to winning midway through the event.
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    Piggy cottage?
    I love my energy droppers! All of them, the gold mine is, well, to worth its weight in gold lol. I like the tent game, but don't play it every day
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    As a very advanced player, energy droppers are always good to have. Now looking at the cost of expansions, only the very senior players have advantage to clear the field. So I would say, a second Royal Exchange would help level a bit the game play. Or a permit dropper, but make it story line so the less frequent players have a chance to get it. On this account, I do the story line goals and occasionally an event, in other words I can only expand very very slowly when it requires a permit.
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    Thank you for asking and for the opportunity to share my feedback!
    I think CS has done a fantastic job over the years with beautiful designs and engaging story lines, not everything, but definitely most of it is just fabulous. I can only say that I hope it continues at this level.

    *crystals* (crystal excavation, a crystal cave or forest, a collection of mega crystals as deco and crystal-beings in many colors)
    *herbalist garden* (a separate plot to grow a variety of herbs, -probably something for Ivy-, with the ability to make herbal teas, tinctures, concoctions, compresses and scented pillows from the harvest. Then these could serve to trade for prizes, to expand/upgrade the herbalist garden or even sell these items for coin if needed!)

    Bi-weekly or monthly challenges that are NOT too hard, but allow for a casual player to still acquire all prizes and goals. Baby-sitting the game for a 2-hr collection is not enjoyable, having to craft, search for, collect with reasonable intervals is very enjoyable.

    1) I would love a revival of the Fortune Teller's tent with new exciting mini goals/adventures that pop up at random upon collection. Maybe even a long term goal like "collect all 78 tarot cards to receive x prize". I do NOT like the Mystic tent, too much trouble for too little reward. I would rather have something more casual or a long term goal that takes a lot of collections to complete.
    2) I would LOVE to have a second Royal Exchange.
    3) We need more scrolls to awaken more students at the Academy. Especially those of us who started later and never got a chance to collect any scrolls at all.

    Most valuable items:
    1) Expansion permit and ticket droppers. (The Glimmerwood is just soooo HUGE and there are never enough permits to open all the plots. There is never enough space for all the beautiful buildings to be displayed.).
    2) Energy droppers. I really like the daily alicorns, but I know many people prefer the weekly. However, my vote is for daily. They don't have to be alicorns, but I like them to be 1 tile only, or they take up too much space.

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    I would like to see something that drops expansion permits as an advance player I still find it pretty hard to expand.
    Energy generator is other one thing I would like to see. During an event can’t do anything except for the event the energy is soo less compared to play.

    Also, reduce ivy collection time to maybe 11 hours it’s so hard to stick to it specially during events.

    Theme wise I would like to see something which I can change for my entire kingdom

    It’s so hard to decorate the kingdom making it easier to empty the land and organising it would be so much better. Also the storage needs more organising

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    For context, I am a New-ish player since April 2020 here, hundreds spent already. I feel like the most valuable items to me are the ones that offer an immediate return on investment.
    Things that allow me to play when I want instead of waiting around for energy refills (Energy droppers), GUARANTEED droppers (random drops are fun sometimes but my most highly prized items will always be the guaranteed Energy drops, reliable Gem Droppers!!, I would love an Explorer's Permit dropper but the best I have are Expansion Permits and less-so the Trade Ticket and Earth Wisp droppers, And of course Golden Items), Multi-Droppers (especially a guaranteed valuable item and one or two random others from a list ❤️ ) are Amazing to make the best use of my super-valuable Energy, AMAZING Event-prize coin droppers that tend to give thousands (!) of coins at a time like Cleo's Pyramid ❤️, and things that in one or two collections after purchase feel 'worth it'.
    Ultimately Energy = Play-Time, freedom to finish events and play When I Want.

    These expansion item droppers are very valuable when expanding and building a kingdom, but may be stored Later (I'm already a little sick of my gem-purchased Earth Wisp droppers because i'm constantly making Wisp Lanterns to keep up, but they were super helpful earlier on; Trade Ticket droppers are appreciated for newer players but i'd prefer Expansion Permit or Explorer's Permits now! To free up my crafting areas).
    Golden item droppers will stay valuable due to the Golden Trade for Gems and constant use... However, they cause extreme frustration when hard-earned gems are later lost to accidentally speeding up items with longer timers (Gemmm Traaaapppssss) which can lead to game-quitting disappointment and exasperation.

    I've recently hit a point where i'm trying to avoid speeding up my progress too fast, while ensuring that I can still meet Timed event requirements WITHOUT spending gems or real money. (I LOVE supporting the game; I HATE feeling Forced or Coerced into doing it, and absolutely refuse to do so when it seems the only way to finish is with real $).
    I want to catch up so I can take advantage of expansion plot sales, but i'm soooo far behind being able to do that, trapped because if I Don't catch up then i'll just keeping paying double for those same plots of land (even more time and resources), and won't allow myself to spend the thousands i'd need to to "catch up" to players that have been around since the beginning. (New land and sale plots that anyone can pay the reduced price on would be amazing!) I'm sad about missing so many absolutely Gorgeous events in the past, and am looking forward to future beautiful prizes. I don't want to finish all the Questlines too fast and be left with nothing but Waiting for new Storyline releases, joining the ranks of players constantly Begging for more Academy Scrolls (I won't be able to get ANY for extra students due to my join date, and yet the Questline is still playable) and with nothing to look forward to but trying to earn (earn, not buy!) all the characters from Timed events.
    Sometimes, at the beginning I felt like i'd missed so much that maybe this wasn't the game for me; but then...

    The Event with the natural-colored Jaguar kept me playing. The first real $ I ever spent in game was for a Mint Chip Alicorn (my favorite ice cream flavor and, well, my realm name is EquineAura so you guess the rest), Beastbane Display, and a Wizard School and so nostalgia and Beauty-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder of the Item plays a factor as well as its utility.
    Those Clydesdale-based Alicorns are a weakness. ❤️ Without those 2 items (my childhood memories; my favorite ice cream flavor) I would not have kept playing.

    I'm here for the art. ❤️

    Gameplay can be frustrating, and totally ridiculous at times (come on, Gem Traps and rollbacks), but S8 representatives have been very responsive and communicative as of late.
    Even though it seems like more and more events are having issues not being set up and checked before release, and that screams understaffed/careless/unprofessional/overworked and is a huge red flag to me and warning to maybe not spend any real money because who knows what the future holds, SgtBeebo and Classy Snake have been wonderfully communicative and available for feedback when prompted. As long as good communication and accountability stays moving forward, (Events without issue would be divine, but if there are issues pleeeeease let us know when a fix is happening because trust us, we noticed the resets/lag/rollbacks and inconsistencies between event guide and in-game implementstion), For now, i'm comfortable supporting the team. 😊

    As my realm grows and I stop needing the "utility" drops (expansion items, materials to upgrade for questlines, etc), I will value aesthetic items with Decoration potential more and more. I'd pay anything for a Dapple Grey clydesdale Alicorn!!😍❤️ But my willingness to pay for more decorative items is just not there; I want to earn it! I don't like keeping any pure decor out on my growing kingdom, and instead "decorate" with my Useful Drop items, but once i'm more established and content with my progress i'll be wanting more "Oh, how pretty!", more matching and backwards-compatible design aesthetics, and more freedom of design in my realm.
    I want the satisfaction of feeling like I Earned my realm, my beautiful little world, I want my investment to bear fruit and to share with the wonderful forum (the ONLY reason i'm here socially) and I want smooth gameplay.❤️ I'd love to see Glimmer aesthetic, faeries, snow, intricate beautiful magical themes, pastels, dramatic gothic architecture, more wilderness and animal life, seasonal themes, and 2x2 max Event buildings that give Golden items and Thousands of coins!, 1x1 guaranteed Golden item and Explorer's permit / Expansion permit droppers that fit into those themes. I want a Dappled Grey Clydesdale Alicorn. 😍❤️

    And I want to see the staff continue to be super communicative and awesome. 😊 and not see this wonderful game fold, or worry that it might go under when problems arise. 😉

    Thank you for this thread, it's wonderful to see you all asking and I hope you listen to your loyal playerbase and give them what they've been asking for years before I even thought of joining! ❤️
    Thank you. 😊❤️
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    Hi SgtBeebo
    Thanks for opening up the discussion with us.

    What prizes are useful and why?
    Energy droppers are always great!
    My favourites are Walter (6hr timer) and Monalise (8hr timer) due to their shorter timers.
    Most energy droppers are 22hrs - which is great, giving a daily stockpile - but having a few more with 6hr or 8hr timers would be handy.
    Also guaranteed Trade Ticket droppers are very valuable and amazing.

    What prize types do you enjoy?
    The important thing to remember is diversity - concentration on one type will become annoying.
    Personally I love any castle-style buildings (like Ye Olde Bar n Grill, Warrior Stronghold, Chateau, Knights Hall)
    New characters I love!!
    I also like walkers - but the cap of 30 needs to be raised to at least 50.
    Monsters and beasts I love!!
    I don’t like pets (as in rebranded dogs/cats), but I love new animals!
    I would love more birds. (Hawk, Eagle etc)
    A Rooster is loooong overdue.

    What prize type would you like to see?
    An Expansion Permit or Explorers Permit dropper.
    Maybe could be a weekly like the Alicorn?
    I had a suggestion that the Ceremonies in the new temples could also drop a ceremony token, and a new trade be added in the Royal Exchange - 3 of each token trades for an Explorers Permit. (so 1 every 3weeks)

    What themes do you like?
    I have to admit I love all the things the team there creates.
    Even if I’m not completely into it initially, everything can become useful later.
    Please no more weddings though. It’s fine around Valentines if you must.
    I also prefer non-holiday themed items.
    This Halloween was the perfect example of how it can be done right - things were spooky, not halloweeny.

    What would you like to see?
    Can we pretty please get the caps lifted on roads, walls, trees, walkers etc...
    Our kingdoms are so large now the caps are unnecessarily restrictive.
    Scrolls! we’ve been asking for sooo long now. Please give us Academy Scrolls.

    Thanks for listening.

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    I second the request for walkers.

    My most valuable item has changed:
    When my kingdom was “young,” my favorite was the Grand Holiday Tree. It was a 2,000 coin multi dropper that dropped very useful items (similar to Magic Garden and Ivy’s Hut).
    Now that most of my story lines are complete and I am focused on expansion, I rely on my trade ticket droppers and Mantistorm. Energy droppers are always appreciated too!
    It would be great to get a second location where we can exchange trade tickets and expansion permits.

    The artwork and item taking only 1 space are important to me. With that being said, I do enjoy getting 2x2 buildings for my residents to live.

    For themes, I enjoy when we build homes or fix things to help new residents. Also, I would love to continue the storyline with something that uses the items from the Elvan Reliquary.

    Designwise, something with bubbles or based on the firebird fairytale would be enjoyable.

    Addition: The items that drop decor (lovepea, Billy the Skelly, etc) are also really appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagypagy View Post
    Scrolls! we?ve been asking for sooo long now. Please give us Academy Scrolls.

    Thanks for listening.
    We appreciate any and all feedback so far, but I did want to touch on this point real quick! With the next event we will be rolling out new Academy characters/prizes and scrolls as event rewards

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