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Thread: SALE: 2020 October 27 - Halloween (4 Days)

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    SALE: 2020 October 27 - Halloween (4 Days)

    4 Day Halloween Sale

    *NOTE: Sometimes items are removed from market at end of the sale with no warning*

    *Sorry! Apparently I can't count - it's a 4 Day Sale, not 5; I'll see if a Mod can fix that, lol.*

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Floor Tiles:
    Spoiler: show

    Wall Decos:
    Spoiler: show

    Floor Decos:
    Spoiler: show

    Mystery Boxes/Crates:
    Spoiler: show

    Link to Master Box Guide for full details of box contents

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    This is stuff most long time players already have but good for new players just like the sale in Bakery.

    I'll be soon redecorating for Christmas, hopefully Black Friday and Christmas sales are better like last year's X-mas sale.

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    Yep sale didn’t offer anything I didn’t already have. Good for new players I remember being there. I did hope for autumn decor to be included though I could still use a few more autumn items I’ve missed in previous sales.

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