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Goal 1: Spooky Spoons!
Buy 8 Hallowsweet Wallpaper (16g to skip)
- Wallpaper
- $8,000 each
Buy 12 Tricky Tile (24g to skip)
- Floor Tile
- $9,000 each
*Rewards: $2,620, 70 xp, UNLOCKS - Candy Corn Oven Appliance* *Side Goal Opens*

I would love to know why my iphone 8 Plus has NO SIDE GOALS. I have them on my ipad Pro.
The Side Goal requires players be at least level 36. If you look in the Side Goal section, I list when the recipes unlock in red under the recipe - this is how the level requirement is determined (the highest level requirement from SG recipes will then be the level requirement for the SG itself. Hope this helps!