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Thread: Black Friday Sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by menps1 View Post
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    Hope to have this boat back
    The Mayflower

    It is awesome!

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    Lizard!! Don?t have one! Bty, I have no more use of permits, deeds etc since all spaces have been acquired. Should I sell them??? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by linborg View Post
    Lizard!! Don?t have one! Bty, I have no more use of permits, deeds etc since all spaces have been acquired. Should I sell them??? Thanks!
    I sold mine and continue to sell them when they drop from a plane.
    Will I be sorry?
    I hope not.

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    From a neighbour

    Ursa Major - pet
    Ursa Minor - pet
    Spring Show Pony

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    Would like to see any of these:

    Ursa Major
    Sea Star
    Half priced show ponies
    Siamese kitten (if already in the market then half off)
    Farmers cat
    Calico cat
    Gingerbread cat
    Gingerbread dog
    Jed dog
    Valentine's puppy
    Tan and black rabbit
    Pineapple turtle
    Chick clique
    Chocolate chick
    Baby turkey
    Baby reindeer
    Dun pony
    Wedding pony (half off)
    Dapple grey pony
    Winter pony
    Carousel pony
    Gingerbread pony

    Exotic pets:
    Venomous Fly trap
    Venus lovetrap
    Rocky pet family
    Pipers pet rock
    Singing parrot
    Singing daisy?

    Teacup ride
    Beach tent
    Ant picnic
    Safari car
    Gnome guessing you would call them.. Similar to the bee keeper gnome just different kinds of them
    Blossom chrysalis

    (Might think of more decorations later on)

    Also would like to see these go on sale or these already in the market half priced:

    Truffle pigs
    Pipers botanical garden
    Cinnamon almond gnome
    Maple glade
    Grape and passion fruit pergola
    Tropical grove
    Pro hydroponic
    Orange grove

    Also would like more of each habitat to be available for sale to buy..
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    Also would LOVVEEE to see land expanding half off the coins and the papers needed!! Please!!!!

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    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul__ View Post
    Another resource if you want to see previous prizes:

    Pets Before 2019

    Pets released in 2019 + 2020

    Adn a list of previous events:
    Thank you for the link to the Pet Guide. It has saved my brain having a meltdown. Lol.

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    How did I missed this thread...

    I would like to see for BF all Christmas decorations, pets and even craft buildings which I don't mind.

    What I would most like to see are all Christmas Trees in FS2 history as I'm missing a few of the earlier ones.

    I loved the boost one from last Christmas which quickly became my favorite.


    Can someone please tell me which Christmas tree I’m missing from the list and thank you:

    Festive Tree, Christmas Tree, Gift Tree (Boost), Yuletide Planter, Snowy Pine Tree, Frosty White Tree, Star Cookie Tree, Tree Of Lights.

    These are the ones I have except for the Holiday Tree which I believe was the first tree we got in the game, will be nice for it go on sale for BF.
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    Holiday Pine
    Gingerbread Tree

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    You r right, land expand too expensive, even when i save up expand part full but don?t have enough coins have to sell it part, hopefully the leaderboard third place don?t win pet but let win big numbers coins

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