I used to be a very active player. But as is so often the case, the demands of life began to occupy more and more time. So rather than only being able to devote a small amount of time to the game, I gave it up.

But over the past few days I thought about this game and how much fun I had with it. I figured by this time it would be long gone, and was surprised to find that it is still active, though I?m sad to say in a very scaled back way. It doesn?t appear to get the support it once did.

So I?m trying to decide whether I want to invest my time and effort playing a game that may be gone at any time. I look around the forum and the activity is almost non existent, which is a big departure from 4-5 years ago when things were very active. I don?t recognize any user names do obviously those people are long long. I may stick around a while and see what happens.