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Thread: Castle Story 10/22: Til Death Do Us Part | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by littelprincess0313 View Post
    I would totally skip this event if it wasnt for the horse - why cant we at least choose both brides and not this uncharming groom -.-
    But the fact that he's such a stinker.....he deserves someone exactly like himself! I still vote for 2 Reisers!
    Plz add: SofiaDeo, pinkpresence (Pinks Place), impylou (Queen Impylou), aaerie (Aaerie)
    Plz ask all 4 or none, thx

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    First page is now completed!

    Thanks for the last pics!
    Castle Story "Tome of Knowledge", visit for: Interactive Map, Inventory Cards, Detailed Inventory, and more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonjaR82 View Post
    I don't have 80 Cows either, 20 will do just fine.
    Try to spent every energy you have on the event, good luck!
    I only have 20 regular cows and 5 colorful cows. I'm doing ok, on upgrade 6, but lacking two lace from Ivy. I agree, don't give up on the cows!

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    Hi and hope everyone has enjoyed the month long event lol. I need 1 bouquet and 1 dress and i can't wait because I feel absolutely spent. I've crafted the 5 enchanters essence and 5 lumin essense in preparation for the final steps. I've no idea which bride i will choose and am looking forward to the ghost alicorn. I need 1 more token there. See y'all in December for another cool Christmas event. Meanwhile I'm taking a break to expand haha. Best

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiteflyer62 View Post
    Is there a list of the decor items that might drop from the Spooky Shack? Anyone know if certain trades drop certain items? I got one witch cat, but wondering if there are other animals in addition to the cauldron, benches, dog bed, road, etc?
    So far I have

    Vampire puppy
    Coffin puppy bed
    Witch kitten x2
    Spooky scarecrow
    Tell no tales (crossed swords and pirate skull)x2
    Spooky tree x2
    Ivy's broom
    Ghost bench x2
    Halloween banner x2
    Pirate flag
    Haystack (with pumpkins on top)
    Bar-o-lantern (baron gourd orange and red)
    Raven lantern
    Candy haul

    I've heard of cownt Dracula's dropping also.

    Thank you S8 for being generous with the decorating drops.

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    The cows have definitely been my bottleneck. I have 10 out and I'm averaging 1 flower every 12 cows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WindermereBakery View Post
    I'm unclear now on if we have to do another four hour Mausoleum adventure at the end. Does anyone know for sure??
    Thank you!
    The one to find the rings I think was 4 hrs and that was near the end, so maybe you?re thinking of that. We didn?t have to do another of the rehearse for the wedding ones at the end, I had been reading about that, so glad I didn’t try and collect more stuff to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madameleota13 View Post
    Agree with both of you. Last year's Halloween was a dud event for me personally. This year, the artwork and prizes are fantastic, and I've bought several packs and gems, just so that I can enjoy the event, get ahead and buy some deco. But the glitches, loss of supplies and energy theft have been off the charts for me. Halloween is my favorite time of year, and I will see this through, but no more money is going towards this game after this. I've only been on TWO adventures and I'm very active. All my energy is going towards chopping dead trees and cows. It's by far, one of the worst drop rates and I've been playing for at least five years.
    Actually, I?ve noticed that the reboots are practically non-existent now. I?ve also discovered that the requirements for the last upgrade is 6 instead 8 for HL players. I notice that towards the ends of the events that the drops seem to loosen up a bit. I?m not as bummed as I was two days ago. I?m feeling pretty good now about getting my ghostly Alicorn!!

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    Pumpkin dragon
    Raven atrium
    Baby black widow
    Haunted lantern
    Spooky candle

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    What bushes are you all getting undead roses from??
    And I hate the drops from the cows. Hate. It.

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