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Thread: Trick or Treat Event - 2020 Oct 21

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanja49 View Post
    How can you use the candy scoop?
    If you buy Candy Bowls from the Market, you can use it to get event parts. Please note that these are a one time use and cost gems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yukigray View Post
    I started with a good drop rate, then I hit a dead zone.

    This event is like ones in another S8 game I play, except 1000 % harder. In that one you usually get to the last level on the last day, and at the max drop you can finish if you spend about 100 gems. To be clear with that one you get 25 per collection and usually need 3-400. This one is different because of the planes, its too dependant on luck, which means most people won't be able to finish unless they are willing to spend thousands of gems. I'm not. I look at that in terms of real cash, so would I be willing to spend 50-100$ to get this little pink slime creature? No.

    20$ is my limit (I won't say monthly because I play multiple S8 games) so if an item/event costs more than 20$ to finish, I'm not doing it. Frankly to get the $20 it needs to be something really cool. Thats why I'm disgusted with the pumpkin event.
    You don?t actually need to complete the collections to get the slime or mimic. It should feasible to earn the Ghost and Witch hat parts, and if u go to the farmers outpost, u can pay 250 gems for the Black Cat part to construct your pet! That should be within your acceptable budget range heck, if u wanted to you might be able to construct both pets with more gem spend.

    The hardest thing to get is actually the pirate ship (which is what I really want). Each bag part is pretty expensive given how many u need to finish this goal chain.
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    Yeah I?ve tried everything. I always force close my game but I also tried resetting my phone and gave it a full day & a half hoping it would fix itself. No luck ... oh well, guess I?m not participating in this one lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Make sure you scroll down on that goal and do all.
    Goal 1 of 12: I Want Candy
    We're going to need to get more candy if we want to be able to share with everyone this Halloween. I bet we could use these candy bags to improve our Pumpkin Candy Dispenser!
    Buy Pumpkin Candy Dispenser
    Make 1 Plane Delivery
    Give 1 of each
    Skeleton Candy Bag
    Zombie Candy Bag
    Monster Candy Bag
    Completing Goal 1 your Candy Dispenser will give 8 candy
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points
    I did everything it needed but it?s still stuck 🙁

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJenny007 View Post
    I did everything it needed but it?s still stuck 
    Did you buy a candy dispenser
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJenny007 View Post
    I did everything it needed but it?s still stuck ��
    Go to that goal and put your finger on it can you see where it says reward.
    That goal scrolls.

    See these screenshots you have to scroll to see bottom two it has five things to do.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need or want the pirate ship 😂. Just finished level 9... Can someone that already got it post a photo?

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    I cannot remember any event before where the player has absolutely no control over the way they play the game. It is most frustrating. I must have made in excess of 40 plane deliveries in the last 24 hours and I received just 2 candy bags, neither of which were the black skeleton ones. It gets harder and harder to fill the plane deliveries as my barn is severely depleted now due to so many deliveries. I am still on level 6. How is it that some players have finished? Is it just that they are extraordinarily lucky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Then buy the Dispenser from the Market and give the items!

    It is a beautiful animated decoration!
    So your solution to my "I am not participating, please let me discard the candy bags" is to participate?


    If S8 won't let me get rid of the supplies, then they should not count toward my storage limit.

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    I am giving you a way to get rid of the supplies. You don't have to participate, you can call the Dispenser a garbage disposal.
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