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Thread: Trick or Treat Event - 2020 Oct 21

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    Quote Originally Posted by linborg View Post
    My game is not working due to maintenance. Was supposed to be only two hours down. It?s now been over six hours! Whaaaaaa!
    The game is up now!
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    Which pet worth having the Candy Mimic or the Candy Slime?
    I’m hesitating between both. Anyone please advise!

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    Not happening

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyBunny09 View Post
    why do you have to make these goals so difficult.?? I?ve been doing so many deliveries and and not getting any candy bags just spoons and upgrade parts. just another game you have no chance of winning thanks storm8
    I feel your frustration. I?ve actually purchased 2 of the boxes, am doing 10-20 deliveries daily, playing around the clock, and am only on level 8 of 12 (for the candy bags and pirate ship). The drop rate is sooooo low. I haven?t gotten any useful bags in 2 days. I think I?ll still get the pet at the end, but I really thought paying the extra $ would help. IT WON?T! SAVE YOUR MONEY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshte View Post
    Is anyone else having problems with the value pack purchase? I bought one but the candy bags didn't show up in my storage and there wasn't a collection window that opened. As such, no extra bags which is why I gave it a go to begin with. I received the candy bowls and extra candy pieces so I know the purchase went thru. Any ideas? Is it a bug? I'm on Android btw.
    Please submit a support ticket.

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    In the Farm Story 2 Forum.
    A got a notification regarding the event

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Help!!! I collected enough candies for the dancing skeleton but it didn't show up in my cellar! Please help! I really want him!!! Yes, I've restarted the game 3 times and iPad once.

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    When can I get rid of the 54 candy bags in my storage?

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    Event over silo full

    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Ok items go in barn but are kind of gray can't be sold!
    When or how do we get rid of the zombies? My silo is full.

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    Please help, iOS user. I need to get rid of these skeleton candies have some 30 of them and are using up my storage space unnecessarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    I am giving you a way to get rid of the supplies. You don't have to participate, you can call the Dispenser a garbage disposal.
    How do you get rid of these? My barn is full of zombies!

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