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Thread: How can I keep progress on different devices?

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    How can I keep progress on different devices?

    Recently, I?ve re-downloaded dragon story and fantasy story onto my new phone. I had forgotten my ID and waited until I had access to my older phone to find it. In the meantime, I started up fantasy story. I?ve only ever tried it out years ago, but it?s still saved to my account. I?ve had a much luckier start with this new attempt, including breeding a dragon that?s supposedly unbreedable.

    When I was able to log in to my storm8 ID on dragon story, it said my progress in fantasy story would be overwritten. Is there a way to save what I?ve done so far to my storm8 ID instead? I?d prefer not to make a new one since I?m at level 75 in dragon story.

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    Your progress is stored to your Storm8 account for all games besides Home Design Makeover and Property Brothers Home Design. If you want to get your games back you need to login back to into your old account using Dragon Story and your progress will be restored to what it was previously for ALL games besides HDM and PBHD. There?s no option to only transfer one game or reset some games and not others.

    If you want to save your current progress, you can make a new Storm8 ID and password in account settings and switch between them at any time.

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