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Rarity: Super Rare
Type: Spooky, Black White
Habitat: Boneyard, Black Sands, White Meadow
Available at: Level 30
Buying Price: 1,500
Selling Price: 100
Incubation: 15 hours
Exp Gained: 780

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Helpful tips on battling

Level 32 is the minimum level for Battle Tournaments
Level 15 is the minimum level for the Battle Arena

Type advantages
Enemy Type Use Avoid Using
Red Yellow, Blue, Stone, Tropic, Champion Green, Dino, Zodiac, Metal, Soccer
Green Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone, Royal, Champion, Soccer Purple, Black, Stone
Yellow Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Champion Red, Blue, Gold
Blue Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone, Champion, Metal Red, White, Stone
Purple Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac, Royal, Champion Blue, White, Cosmic, Soccer
White Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow, Champion, Egypt, Soccer Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Royal
Pink Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone, Champion, Soccer Yellow, Purple, Mythic, Royal
Black Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow, Royal, Champion, Egypt Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone
Diamond Diamond Gold, Gemstone, Metal
Mythic White, Pink, Fairytale, Dino, Champion Green, Rainbow, Zodiac, Tropic, Egypt
Cosmic Purple, White, Champion Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac
Gold Yellow, Diamond, Champion, Metal, Soccer Purple, Pink, Rainbow, Royal, Egypt
Fairytale Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Royal, Champion, Soccer Pink, Mythic, Rainbow, Tropic
Stone Green, Blue, Tropic, Royal, Champion, Egypt Red, White, Dino
Dino Red, Stone, Tropic, Champion Green, Cosmic, Gemstone, Soccer
Rainbow Mythic, Gold, Fairytale, Champion Blue, White, Black, Tropic, Metal
Gemstone Diamond, Black, Dino, Champion Green, Blue, Pink, Royal
Zodiac Red, Mythic, Cosmic, Champion, Metal Yellow, Purple, Fairytale, Soccer
Tropic Mythic, Fairytale, Rainbow, Champion Red, Stone, Dino
Royal White, Pink, Gold, Gemstone, Champion Green, Purple, Black, Stone, Fairytale, Egypt
Ice Age Abominable, Champion Blizzard
Abominable Blizzard, Champion Ice Age
Blizzard Ice Age, Champion Abominable
Champion Diamond, Champion, Passion, Soccer Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Gold, Fairytale, Stone, Dino, Rainbow, Gemstone, Zodiac, Tropic, Royal, Ice Age, Abominable, Blizzard, Champion
Valentine Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
Metal Red, Diamond, Rainbow Blue, Gold, Zodiac
Egypt Mythic, Gold, Royal White, Black, Stone
Soccer Red, Purple Green, White, Pink, Gold, Fairytale
Olympus Type has no effect here Type has no effect here

Additional info about champ and dark/corrupt types...
Enemy Type Use Avoid using
Champion The following types are "neutral" to champion types: Diamond, Egypt, Metal, Olympus, Soccer, Valentine

**Users have reported that low level dragons are sometimes useful against high level champs
Black, Blue, Champion, Cosmic, Dino, Fairytale, Gemstone, Gold, Green, Mythic, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Royal, Stone, Tropic, White, Yellow, Zodiac
Dark (corrupt) Unknown; some have success with champs & white types (Corrupt dragons use black "smoke" magic; consider dragons that are strong against black types: green, white, cosmic, rainbow, royal, champion, Egypt) Unknown (Corrupt dragons use black "smoke" magic; consider avoiding dragons that are weak against black types: yellow, pink, fairytale, gemstone)

Notes on new type dragons (something to take in account when choosing your fighters):

Red Fire Magic: Elemental, Holiday, Dynamite, Map
Black Smoke Magic: Dark, Spooky
Pink Sword Magic: Olympus, Fey, Valentine
Blue Bubble Magic: Arcane, World, Bomb
Purple Spell Magic: Tarot
Yellow Tornado Magic: Egypt, Beast
Green Vine Magic: Soccer, Dino, Food, Flower

# Dragon Lvl
1 Prime Power Dragon 3
2 Jupiter Dragon 4
3 Beaded Dragon 5
4 Dusky Lory Dragon 6
5 World Dragon 7
6 Templar Dragon 8
7 Regal Moon Dragon 9
8 Halfblood Dragon 10
9 Speaker Dragon 11
10 Razorback Dragon 12
11 Magician Dragon 13
12 Garland Dragon 14
13 Phase Dragon 15
14 Dueler Dragon 16
15 Coastal Dragon 17
16 Moon Petal Dragon 18
17 Cleric Dragon 19
18 Gryffin Dragon 20
19 Esoteric Dragon 16
20 Sorcerer Dragon 17
21 Neo Valiant Dragon 17
22 Pandora Dragon 17
23 Voodoo Doll Dragon 18
24 Chromastripe Dragon 18
25 Fruition Dragon 18
26 Bladewing Dragon 19
27 Galleon Dragon 19
28 Haunted Leo Dragon 19
29 Prize Fighter Dragon 20
30 Nightfall Dragon 20