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Thread: Ghostly and Snowy Oven

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    Ghostly and Snowy Oven

    Please bring back the Ghostly and Snowy oven in 2020/2021. Seeing other restaurants with it and they look cool.

    Unless Storm8 have some other ideas and new ovens

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    I love these ovens because they came with their own chefs! I have a Pirate chef and a... Wintry Lady Chef? as long as the oven is on my floor the chef will work. I wish they would bring back these types of challenges instead of the continual cruises. SIGH

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    Moving this to the suggestions forum. Let's hope they give us these items on sale or by a goal. I've been wanting them for a while as well!
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    I really want these stoves but have never had the chance to get them

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