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Thread: Name change

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    Name change

    Hello can anyone tell me how to change my name?

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    Under main menu go to > Help/FAQ

    Scroll to bottom and click > My Question Wasn't Answered Here, What Can I Do?

    Click > Contact Support

    Under the second drop box choose > Account Recovery & Account Questions
    then > Change ID

    Fill out the rest of the information
    I just did this a few days ago and support changed my ID within a day
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    Not sure if you're asking about your s8 User ID (the name used to log in) or your Restaurant/Bakery name itself (what other players see when they visit you). The above post will work for changing your s8 User ID but if you're looking to change the name of your restaurant:

    Open Main Menu > Messages > Profile

    Above your avatar, you will see the current name of your restaurant with a button to the right labeled "Change." Tap the "Change" button and a pop up will appear where you insert the new name of your restaurant. Once you've filled in the new name, click the "OK" button to the right and the new name will be applied to your restaurant. Just be careful to type carefully and double check your spelling as each name change costs 10 gems.

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