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Thread: GOAL: Horror'dourves - 2020 Oct. 08 (5 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilovetodesign View Post
    How is everyone doing? Did those who were doing this goal finish on time?
    I finished it on Sunday morning.
    I finished it. On to the next one, while I master these new recipes. I was super excited that it registered my purchase of Wicked Oven on the first try. For some reason I have issues with that when purchasing appliances for goals when I already own some, and many times have to use gems to check that item off the goal list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brwnsuga8 View Post
    Cool recipes and prize, but AGAIN, they keep giving us a bunch of small plates instead of one plate. The food is TOO small and we cannot see the details. It just looks like a mess on a plate. I ask with genuine curiosity: what is the point of this? I truly want to know.
    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I live in the hope that one day they'll go back to single servings on the counter.

    Not only is the food so small that it's all but unrecognizable, the cluttered display means that we can barely even see the trays. You know, the new theme related trays that the team seems to be obsessing over? The ones that I think may actually be rather lovely and decorative themselves? The ones that we can't see because they're covered in tiny plates?

    I find it to be genuinely baffling!
    I know we're just shouting into the void here, but I agree. I've always served food to match my decorating (except what I need to serve for goals), so I'd really like it if the food could look good on the counters.

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    When will I get the ghostly oven? I finished the ghostly crusie ship and got no additional applicanes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lololaurz View Post
    When will I get the ghostly oven? I finished the ghostly crusie ship and got no additional applicanes?
    Are you talking about Restaurant Story 2? There is no cruise ship in the original restaurant story. The forums for that game are here:

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