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    Lightbulb Subscription idea

    My idea is to have a monthly $1.99 or less subscription club with benefits of free Tales common dragons and one unique dragon that cannot be crafted, put on spin to wins etc to keep it exclusive to that month only. Also lift the restrictions on habitats quantity especially Treasure. Expand Arctic isles to include all dragons or give us another isle where we can use maps again to clear room. Or a combo of maps and keys so that our key dragons are not useless in future.

    Less important in my opinion but I would not mind being able to trade dragons with nbrs.

    Some additional freebies you could occasionally include in monthly subscription would be free premium habitats, habitat upgrades or gold. Something to make players feel appreciated and that they are getting value for monthly fee.

    Sad that I think S8 will not even read let alone acknowledge any of these suggestions.
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