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Thread: Castle Story 09/17: Monster Hunt S26 & LB (Sea Kelpie) | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by lydiahin View Post
    Do you mean armored shadow wolf? There is no armored dire wolf offered
    The armored dire wolf is offered in the MRC 4 is the limit

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    What is the white substance? I probably should know this.

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    Original question from Selasane about making money.
    Quote Originally Posted by RonjaR82 View Post
    Collect regularly from your best money droppers.
    Go through your inventory and keep everything with a 1000+ drop out.
    Plant & harvest Fellora Plant when you don't need your plots.
    Finish Main story lines.
    Be sure to safe money (and other expansion material) in case of an expansion sale.
    The fully upgraded Glimmer Faerie House, Blyth Faerie House and Faerie Bulb are excellent money droppers (2000+) (have to be unlocked via main story lines)
    Most Event Items/ Buildings are good money droppers too, and decorations/ animals/ monsters with 1000/2000 or rarely 10000 drops like Grimaud, Big Bad Fangbeasts, Peridae and Bloodhound (event prizes)
    Good luck!
    Troll pit
    Forgotten roost
    Tablet Tabernum
    I second the event buildings suggestion. Some of my favorite are pyramid, music shop, bee hive and pearlescent prison.
    Check quest reward characters. I always collect from Cleo (Tomb raider event) and Maybee, Ana gives 1200 gold.
    Watch daily videos on upper left under kingdom goals book. Often I receive 1000 gold per video.
    *I also agree on fellora plants. I tried getting extra coin after being maxed on the flowers using double harvest boost from apothecary. It didn't give extra, but 4400 per flower is great. The crop is a 2 day wait on harvest and I did like using a speed boost. This is my favorite way. I need to do it again. If you are too low for fellora blossoms, use strawberries.

    Spiritwind suggested the following on another thread:
    Royal Buildings: The Cathedral, Observatory and Theater at level 5 yield the most coin.
    Town Building: Market place and Windmill yield the most.

    ShibuyaCloth has a post on coins -

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    Does the event monster drop MH tokens this time?

    Also, besides the unicorns, what other MRC item is a guaranteed energy dropper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilkingdome View Post
    How does one go about acquiring a cursed reef?
    If you're still doing the Mermaid story line: purchasing them

    If you've completed the storyline, the reefs drop from practically everything.

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    I'm wondering if the monster hunt messed up the magic forge. I am on quest Key of Doors. I'm supposed to use the 2x enchanted iron, 2x enchanted silver and 2x enchanted mithril that I just crafted in the Enchanted Minerals quest to make Glimmergate key. But the items disappeared from inventory and are no longer craftable in the forge.

    Edit - I am going to submit it as a bug.
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    Academy scrolls would be nice. Instead of crowns.
    Next event maybe? Pretty please?
    Kingdom: Peroldrado
    (Gem confirmation button please)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuckleTown View Post
    Does the event monster drop MH tokens this time?

    Also, besides the unicorns, what other MRC item is a guaranteed energy dropper?
    All alicorns, armored direwolves.

    Not guranteed: Black armored bears ( they are basically dragons in disguise) RAre chance for +5 energy.

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    Kelpie are missing today

    I have been playing the new kelpie quest off and on for the last 10 hours today and have only fangbeasts near my farmhouses. Is anyone having the same issue?

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    Kelpies come from cows and pigs, not farmhouses.

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