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    Hope everyone was able to get what they wanted this time 'round! 😄

    I earned my first 2 Unicorns, with 10 Troll tokens left for next crafts. ❤️

    Aaand a Deep Sea Kelpie 😍❤️

    Quote Originally Posted by kiryuuku123 View Post
    It's really frustrating having to wait 2+ mins to deliver a beast master delivery every time. I Had over 10 left over after the event that had to be handed in. 😕😞 is there no way to get rid of the waiting time between deliveries?
    I think this (and the possibility of the game lagging out/resetting and blocking you out with the Lag screen until it's too late) is one of the main reasons the MH advice thread says to NOT wait until the last to turn them in. 😕

    No advice on how to speed it up, the usual tricks (quick-collect open Neighbors page in Social, reload game [dangerous if the points haven't settled]) don't seem to help, so I usually just swipe away at a monster while waiting.

    Each time I turned in, I had the usual 2 min wait time between. I believe it's mentioned in the advice thread that it only changes if there's too many (slows down) or not anyone (faster? Haven't witnessed) trying to turn in their deliveries. 😊

    The game also crashed around 4-5 times today (BAD, locked out for 5min+ not just a normal little lag screen episode; glad it wasn't hours like when it went down properly a month or so ago!) and I had one big reset today, despite an otherwise smooth week, so I think there was a fair amount of activity.
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