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Thread: I want to change the name of my city to get rid of bullies

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    Exclamation I want to change the name of my city to get rid of bullies

    If I change the name of my city, will it change also in old posts I made on my neighbors’ walls?
    I was bullied for 2 weeks, I made a truce with the aggressors, but they started posting on my wall again. This time nothing offensive but it is like a sign that I am still on their radar.
    I know they have access to my city through the comments I have posted on my neighbors walls, so I want to know if changing my city name will also be reflected in old posts.
    I hope there someone there who is still playing and can help me.
    P.S. I have already submitted a ticket to Storm8 support both asking to change my ID and reporting the bullies, but I have not received any updates yet.

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    I’m sorry that you are being bullied.

    If you change the name of your city with gems, your new name will appear in old posts on other peoples walls.

    Support may take several business days to respond back.

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    I'm sorry this has happened to you. Keep working with Support to resolve this issue. Wall posts eventually scroll off, but till then, don't engage in any further comms with those players, take screen shots which can be provided to Support. If you need anything further, please reach out to one of the forum moderators or community managers.

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