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Thread: Help w/goal: skunkupea or spring skunkupea??

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    Help w/goal: skunkupea or spring skunkupea??

    So I?m finally ready to complete the Magic Nursery goal to summon a skunkupea but does it matter if it?s a spring skunkupea or a regular skunkupea? I like the spring skunkupea better and heard that you one can drop certain items that the other one can?t. I don?t want to craft/summon the spring skunkupea only to find out that only the regular skunkupea completes that goal, help please!!

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    Good question... it will likely be the skunkupea if you go by the goal book and the picture on the actual goal. You must also have the spring skunkupea by completing the associated event and you can craft them anytime. If the fangpup is locked, you must craft the skunkupea.

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