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Thread: Black Friday Sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyrae View Post
    I'm still debating this. I have soooo many creatures that have that very elusive chance to drop permits and tickets. Sigh. I'm usually maxed out on lanterns and earth wisps
    I bought one (now I have two total). It drops tickets pretty frequently and permits once in a while. Of all the permit/ ticket/ lantern droppers, it is my favorite.

    Like you, I am frequently maxed out on earth wisps and lanterns.

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    Thank you S8 for such a wonderful sale. I bought a lot of fun items but am particularly excited to have multiple golden mines, FiFi, baby FiFi and the royal dark unicorn. The story book wizard I didn't need for the resource, but realized every time I saw him that he was so cute that I did buy him. And I especially like the winter wizard.

    Here are my new items:

    Golden mines (I bought two, so have 3 now)
    Rooted Mine
    Winter Wizard
    Royal dark unicorn (I wanted more)
    Wedding Alicorn
    Baby FiFi
    Blossom Dojo
    Blossom Bridge
    Blossom gate x2
    Blossom walls x5
    Blossom path x8
    Wedding path x7
    Log path x10
    Koi pond
    Wisteria House (I wanted several)
    Story brook Wizard
    Dark Wyvern

    The fall faerie was gorgeous! But if I'd been able to purchase more, I would have chosen energy droppers.

    I now have absolutely zero gems and am very happy with the new additions to my kingdom.
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    And thank you everyone for sharing information and answering questions. It helped me better understand which items would be better choices.

    With Thanksgiving I've been out of game more so haven't finished the event yet, but hope to before time runs out. Best of luck to anyone who is still working on it. I hope we all are able to finish.

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    Spent way more gems than I meant to but that was FUN!! Thanks!

    Loved the items on sale, the new land and it being on sale, and the double trade ticket half time sale!
    What we need now is a new trade ticket trade in the exchange that is something like 40 earth wisps and two hours for a trade ticket.

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    Please bring back the Snowy Cabin for our Christmas sale, I wasn't able to purchase this building.

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