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Thread: Chef Gnome's Boiler

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    Chef Gnome's Boiler

    This is really meant for someone at S8, so hopefully it'll get read by them...

    Can you please remove the Chef Gnome's Boiler task from the To-Do list? It is SOOO annoying to have it still there. At 200 gems from the Market, it will NEVER get purchased now that the event is over (from years ago). I get that you (S8) want us to waste our money (gems) on this for some reason, but every single other event item/task that has ever been around has ALWAYS given us the option to either buy it when the event is over, or dismiss it so it goes away. That includes every event before that one, and every event since. Oh, and it's not like the items go away, they are still available in the Market - but at least it disappears from the To-Do list...

    So please fix this...

    Thank you.


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    I think it was supposed to be temporary only during the event because thats how the other update goals worked but I am not sure

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    Or, the fact that it remains on the list means that it might still be a valid goal to accomplish...especially since it is still in the Market. And it does provide added Water for the Noodle House...helpful (maybe) during leaderboard events. I had a goal to buy 4 Goats from when they were first introduced (I only had one for the longest time) that remained active, and when I finally fulfilled it, it triggered a new goal. I have no idea what will happen if someone purchases the Chef Gnome's Boiler, though...

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    Hi PookieBear,

    It's not a current goal - S8 simply didn't remove it after the event was over, like they have for every other timed event or weekly/bi-weekly goal they send our way. And again, it's fine if they put it in the Market (like they have for all the other items too), but please take it out of the To-Do list - it doesn't belong there anymore! :/


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    I also have the goal/task to buy it. But regardless of why it's still a goal or vice versa - I'm not buying it either way. Wish it would've been like the Almond Gnome thing or at least as big. Would've bought it if so, but it's not. I've seen the gnome boiler on other farms and don't have the needs or wants to buy it, personally.


    I buy gems frequently, as my wife allows and would prefer me to (and when I have available/spare money I can use) but I would never buy it even so.

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