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Sounds like a good plan, so he's gotta go to 15 and I am working on raising my Harmony Knight also on I think AnniraSweets' suggestion.

After a few losses, I beat Neo Glasswing with Diamond (15) and I think I will be OK for the rest of the tournament since the later Champion types are the hybrid types that are easier to beat.
You will be as long as you use a metal/yellow hybrid against Huntress. It doesn't necessarily have to be Neo Tinsel like I used but if you have one at level 14 I highly recommend it. Golden, Steampunk, Mithril, Gadget or plain ole Metal have better chances to beat Huntress than the usual ADIPS suspects.
For The Dark One I usually use my level 15 Water but I found out that Croconile is good against a lot of champ hybrids (just never, ever use Croconile against Tribal) so I used that guy twice since the game loves to rollback.