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Thread: Castle Story 8/20: Kung Who? Panda!| event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosewood_Keep View Post
    I attempted to create my interactive spreadsheet with algorithms for this event. This event is a bit more complicated than most so I couldn't include every aspect. However, here it is. Please let me know if I made any mistakes! Also, please note that you need to file>make a copy for you to have your own editable version.
    Thank you for this! It worked for me as is, very helpful. I’m on goal 8.
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    It is very strange that only one of my Sparkling Mines is dropping Hammers. One Mine is Level 7, and the other is Level 5. Bizarre randomness!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kolakid View Post
    To Make the Victory Flags for last Goal 12 will take about 4/5 days plan well!!! Also having to make the Other upgrade Items as well all in Workshop!

    HL Need 18 Bamboo Straw / 14 Leaf Underwear for 1 Victory Flag
    So 3 Fire Pandas with 2 hour timer x 6 =18 Bamboo Straw (guaranteed 1drop but no multiples but with occasional chance of Xiang Pu Panda spawning for Leaf Underwear) =12 hours for 1 Victory Flag + 2 Hour crafting... so basically 1 a day!
    I'm beginning to see why I couldn't finish the three little pigs event!! I'm not feeling good about being able to finish this one either. I really hope that the drops get better.

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    Never mind! Delete when you get time, SW
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    Quote Originally Posted by nm666 View Post
    I'm wondering if anyone has data on the hammer drops. I haven't gotten to that stage yet, but I remember in the piggy event this was a major roadblock. I noticed yesterday that I got a single hammer from one, but I've been collecting steadily from them since and have not seen any more. If that's indicative of how rare the drop is, then this event is probably not possible without spending money. But maybe they turn the rate up once you get to the relevant section?
    I hope so. I got a single hammer at every account on my first collection yesterday morning, after reading it was possible to collect ahead. I haven't gotten any since then. And I am logging in constantly (stuck in bed with pneumonia, ugh).
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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    Aaah so. That's where the bamboo is going! Washu Panda could show a little more gratitude and give coin and staff every time. He's toying with me!
    Perhaps his look-a-like will become a live-in barterer. 😂❤️

    Quote Originally Posted by Stymie52 View Post
    It is very strange that only one of my Sparkling Mines is dropping Hammers. One Mine is Level 7, and the other is Level 5. Bizarre randomness!
    Have you tried switching the order you're collecting from them? If it's every-other-time?
    I played around with my farmhouses during the last event and it seemed to care more about frequency of collection than which one.

    Ahh the things we do when collection intervals are so close. 😅

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    As much of trouble as I’m having getting hammers from the sparkling mines, that was bad news about the flags taking so long to finish them when most supplIes seem to be another rare item. Will keep plugging alone hoping it works out. GOOD luck everyone

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    On 9 the request is for 3 helms and each helm needs 8 hammers. I've not gotten to fire pandas yet. I think there was an animal that looked like them in the past, red panda? That would be a neat one to bring back out for purchase.

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    I?m very concerned about completing this event. I?m not seeing a huge difference between this and the Three Little Pigs event right now. I failed to finish that one even though I was barely sleeping and in bed resting while recovering from surgery. That is the only event I?ve failed to finish since coming back to the game about 1.5 years ago.

    It seems to me that there is a basic flaw in this event design, and that is the 2 hour timer to collect Spring stones from the bamboo fountain. With only 1 available in the market for coins and so many stones needed (I?m level 50), we will need to babysit the game for the whole of the event to have a chance to complete it without spending money/gems. I?ve spent money on the game and want to support the developers, but I have issues with spending to complete an event.

    My suggestion for future events designed on this template is to allow us to purchase at least 1 more bamboo fountain for coins. Keep the drops (could even lower the chance for extra drops) and the timer the same, and players will still have a chance to complete the event even if they miss a few collections.

    I don?t feel this way with most events and know I can complete them if I play often enough. I?m still going to push on and try to complete it, but I?m concerned.

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    @ShibuyaCloth: Thanks for the table with all the supplies on page one, as always! Unfortunately for us, I don't think it's right. You've listed only 1 victory flag, when apparently 6 will be required for high level players. I'm guessing this will make quite a difference in time and energy required to complete the event.

    Regarding the stone drops. I've made a few calculations, and given the amount of stones I've already collected and the number of days left in the event (11 for my time zone) I need to collect 6-7 times per day to ensure I get enough stones even if only one drops each collection. Since there are sometimes drops of 2, I should be fine with 5-6 collections per day, which seems doable to me. Mind you, I've yet to receive 3 stones in one drop even once! Anyone here been so lucky?

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