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    Question Observatory/Conservatory???

    Can you have both a conservatory and an observatory or do you have to choose just one? If you can only have one can you put it in storage or sell to buy the other one? I?m not really sure what the differences between the 2 are so any info and help would be appreciated!!
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    These links above will take you to pictures of the buildings, but the connection will eat up a fair bit of data, so don't open them on a mobile device if you can avoid it...

    There are goals associated with both of these buildings. They are Royal Buildings and are different. Here's an extract from the building guide on royal buildings:

    * Royal buildings give Royal Points. These points are needed as a pre-requisite for expansions.
    * Royal buildings must be placed on your board for them to count towards your Royal points (when expanding)
    * You can increase your Royal Points by building more royal buildings or by upgrading existing ones.
    * You can have 50 Royal buildings. The number of each of these buildings you can have is limited to your total royal building count.

    So, go ahead and build them when you're ready. (personally I have only 1 observatory and several conservatories and only 1 or 2 of these have been upgraded past level 1)

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    One of the quests leading to opening up the mermaid land area asks for an upgrade to the conservatory (gold building). It drops seeds which can be helpful if you don't have peacocks.

    My favorite building to help with royal points is the theatre. It's 230 points and just 2x2 in size, but the materials aren't as time consuming to make as the cathedral (260rp) or amphitheater (300rp). I am just now at level 40 building the cathedral and amphitheater. I skipped the observatory but will eventually build it. I think you can have a max of 50 royal buildings. I don't think it matters what kind. Some people make a lot of jeweler royal buildings, keeping them in storage and bringing them out when they need to expand.
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