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Thread: New Oven/s

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    New Oven/s

    I?d really like to see a new oven with all sorts of recipes on it. The classic oven and drink mixer have been finished by most older players.

    Maybe instead of receiving a gem for reaching level 2 and 4, we could get one gem for completing each recipe, and 2000, 4000, and 6000 coins for level 1, 2, and 3. Also, many have complained to each other, few have complained to Storm, but constant goals are tiring people out. One main goal a month and a weekly update was less stressful. The game is suppose to be relaxing. 

    Also, is there some way we might be able to reorganize the parts tab? I spend more time scrolling thru the tab then I do gifting and tipping neighbors. Maybe a tab for holiday parts, a tab for what most call ?basic,? ie. Screw, motor, fuse, etc... and a tab for all other would be sufficient? Another possibility is that just like the parts request, players could simply choose and send a gift request. When they have gifts from 20 neighbors, the rest would just disappear? Either would be nice.
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    Or we can type the name of the parts for faster searching. Or there should be an indication that we can already build something or particular oven with the parts that we have available.

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