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Thread: GOAL: Savory Snacks 2020 August 13 (5 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BertiesHeavenScent View Post
    I just want to thank you for these posts when the goals come out. I would never be able to complete the goals without beginning the next step before completing the previous step.
    Glad to hear you find the posts helpful

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    I agree with the general sentiment expressed here. I'm not pleased about this goal either and I won't repeat what others have already said (about the amounts needed, parts, etc.) but what I'm getting a little miffed about is how they have these recipes that don't seem to match the appliance.

    This is a pancake griddle so how about ... oh, I don't know ... more pancakes?! Maple bacon? Salted Caramel and toffee? Blueberry? Apple cinnamon? I don't remember the others at the moment where I was like, "Huh? What does this have to do with this appliance?"

    And while I don't mind the additional recipes to gem stoves, uh... they are gem stoves. Maybe some people don't have gems. Goodness knows watching videos for gems is dodgy and the offers they have for gems just plain stink!

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    Impossible times again! I evev bought three pancake griddles, had six ovens and four mixers working 24 hours a day, started next step before completing previous one, and still wasn't able to finish on time! It's so disappointing! 😒

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