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Thread: GOAL: Savory Snacks 2020 August 13 (5 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daengel View Post
    Im just doing this for new recipe, once i unlock the 3rd one im gonna chill, maybe not even finishing the goal lol.
    Same. I don't care for the final prize since I already have it, so my main focus is getting new recipes.

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    Has anyone tried to watch a video to speed up the cooking time?
    I just tried for the Espresso and the error "Video Failed To Load" came up

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    Already have this end goal and have never once displayed it... it is ridiculously out of proportion to anything/everything else in this game. Save your time and gems.

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    The recipes look like they belong in restaurant story more than bakery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
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    UGLY TRAY PRESENTATION AGAIN! It seems more like a restaurant recipe than a bakery. The only game i've ever played where they don't listen to feedback. Why don't just simply open old ovens with incredible nice recipes instead of wasting time with this trashy recipes.

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    I can’t even get in my game today. The recipes are ugly again.

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    I love when they add new recipes to the game. I’m happy for any new content at all that’s not the stupid hard 15 day goals.

    It’s real frustrating how the game has changed. There’s constant typos, non-existent recipes, and parts needed that are so deep in all the other gifts it takes way too long to find them to gift. It makes for an overall unpleasant experience and that makes me sad. I want to love the game again : , (

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    I agree with what everyone is saying on here. Both restaurant and bakery have been nothing but repeats (unless it’s a goal that requires the 5 gem ovens, of course) and the recipes all look like TV dinners from the 70’s!! How about bringing bringing back some vintage ovens? Or adding new recipes to the existing basic ovens? There are a lot of goal ovens I don’t have that I would love the chance to own!

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    100% agree. It's a little frustrating to see "locked" ovens that I can't access just because I wasn't playing the game back then, and now I can NEVER unlock them? It'd be so easy and convenient for them to re-open those goals to give us a chance.

    I'm tired of ugly recipes on these huge trays, where you need to bake them on ovens that require 60-70 parts in total (it takes so much time to assemble.) I miss the days of cute vintage ovens that actually match the recipes they make. I mean, this week is the pancake oven, and it makes ... something that isn't pancakes at all? how does that make sense?

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    Cheddar Cheese Scone:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm actually pretty happy with this one!

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