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Thread: Game down

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    Not able to to get into Bakery, Restaurant, or Fashion Story. I was in all 3 this morning, now all 3 are not responding ☹️

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    The only one that I can think of is. If they are out east coast. Then maybe they might have power issues as there are still a lot of people without power when I saw my local news at 9pm cst. Guess we wait till Monday. Hope for the best.

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    RS, RS2, BS, and BS2 are down

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    Thanks a lots for the quick response! I just hope they do something about muy goal food that is soon to go spoiled

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    Bs, rs, farm2 down

    Quote Originally Posted by Qing2020 View Post
    RS, RS2, BS, and BS2 are down

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    My RS and BS are down as well. Live in middle of Canada. Working on challenge too

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    I was just able to get back on BS.

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    all apology this time?
    I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was blaming you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    Seems a lot of folks are having trouble getting into their s8 games right now. Keep in mind that this might take a while for the team to find out about and fix since they're normally out of office on the weekends.
    Me to
    BS,RS and DC I can't get in

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    Its been few hours game is not opening. Internet connections are strong but still i see a message "oh darn, double check internet connections". What's going on?

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