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Thread: Can't buy constructible appliance?

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    Can't buy constructible appliance?

    So normally you buy a constructible appliance, click the box of parts, and request help from friends to build it.

    I have one of the three "classic ovens" I need, but when I try to purchase a second one, it just tells me I need nuts and bolts from my neighbours in order to build it. It won't let me purchase it so that I can request help. How do I work around this?

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    I replied to your post in the Help Me thread

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    I?m having the same issue!!! Help please!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smurflint612 View Post
    I?m having the same issue!!! Help please!!!
    You need to click on the upper part of the icon, do not press on the “i” or hammer button. When you press the “i” or hammer button it unjust gives you information on what the constructble part means
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