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  • I enjoyed this storybook event

    83 39.71%
  • I didn't enjoy this event

    74 35.41%
  • Got stuck with neighbour requests not coming through

    81 38.76%
  • I didn't finish - random hieroglyphic drops made it impossible

    33 15.79%
  • I didn't finish - ran out of time

    36 17.22%
  • Had to collect during the night

    93 44.50%
  • No gems spent, event completed

    48 22.97%
  • Some gems spent, event completed

    94 44.98%
  • Some gems spent, event unfinished

    26 12.44%
  • Did not participate in this event

    2 0.96%
  • Additional oasis trees for coins in the market would be good

    55 26.32%
  • Collection timers for the tombs too long

    139 66.51%
  • Did not receive any random adventure drops

    130 62.20%
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Thread: Castle Story 8/06: Tomb Raiders | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by storm81775 View Post
    So the tamed sphinx you summon in the workshop is Seraphina? (Seraphina's drops listed on page one are the summoned sphinx drops?)
    Yes! ❤️

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormaurora42 View Post
    Sphinxes are not dropping energy when hit or defeated. 

    Is this intentional?
    I hope not. S8 fixed issues like this before.

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    I've sent 10 adventures and have only received the Desert cacti, every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuckleTown View Post
    I've sent 10 adventures and have only received the Desert cacti, every time.
    Me too! Guess my adventure luck is the same as always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuckleTown View Post
    I've sent 10 adventures and have only received the Desert cacti, every time.
    Same here, cactus is the norm. Well I don't need to buy them as I have a fair collection now
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    I feel like I'm a bit behind. I just made it to chapter 3 for the adventure. How are folks able to have gone on so many adventures with opening one chapter a day? Will I be able to finish this event?

    My sphinxes are also not returning energy.

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    Thank you ShibuyaCloth for the spreadsheet.

    So I guess Feather Quills are the bottleneck.....
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    My first adventure dropped a desert cactus, feather quill, and hieroglyphics
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    Quick post just running through, Event Adventure just dropped a Rustic Well!! (Was so surprised to see a constructed element fall out), also got a Palm Leaves (fell out) and of course a Desert Cactus (In the box).

    Have a great day all! ❤️

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    the esert tomb dropped hieroglyphics

    edit: my sphyinxs are not dropping energy
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