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  • I enjoyed this storybook event

    83 39.71%
  • I didn't enjoy this event

    74 35.41%
  • Got stuck with neighbour requests not coming through

    81 38.76%
  • I didn't finish - random hieroglyphic drops made it impossible

    33 15.79%
  • I didn't finish - ran out of time

    36 17.22%
  • Had to collect during the night

    93 44.50%
  • No gems spent, event completed

    48 22.97%
  • Some gems spent, event completed

    94 44.98%
  • Some gems spent, event unfinished

    26 12.44%
  • Did not participate in this event

    2 0.96%
  • Additional oasis trees for coins in the market would be good

    55 26.32%
  • Collection timers for the tombs too long

    139 66.51%
  • Did not receive any random adventure drops

    130 62.20%
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Thread: Castle Story 8/06: Tomb Raiders | event information on page 1

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    I can’t access the game either. I did get in about 15 minutes ago, and noticed the pyramid build was missing. Arrrgh!

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    I got onto the game and tried to visit communities and was kicked off the game. Now I can’t access the game at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FightingIlliniFan View Post
    I can't either.
    Looks like the fake internet connection error again for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by belbar22 View Post
    Aargh was not thinking straight and sent out an adventure late last night so need to wait till tonight to be able to start my event Adventures. Will put me a day behind I suppose for collecting resources. Never made such a daft mistake before !!!
    If you don't mind loosing the resources, you can probably store your castle and bring it back out.

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    Chapter 3:3 says tend oasis sapling (find more by searching the desert)

    I'm assuming we should keep sending adventures looking for saplings (after completing the 3 for 3:2). Has anyone done more than 3 adventures and gotten oasis sapling to drop?

    I will send a 4th adventure but as I've just sent my 3rd I won't have data for 4 hours.

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    I have 4 storm 8 games and can't get into any of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by clalbright View Post
    I can’t access the game either. I did get in about 15 minutes ago, and noticed the pyramid build was missing. Arrrgh!
    Yep, me too. Let me in for about 3 mins, then booted me out..*sigh*.. hopefully fixed soon!!��

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    It's been an hour lockout so far for me; I did send a ticket.
    Plz add: SofiaDeo, pinkpresence (Pinks Place), impylou (Queen Impylou), aaerie (Aaerie)
    Plz ask all 4 or none, thx!

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    I think its a rogue popup.. before everything went to total cr@p I kept getting one of those stupid Play this Game popups every 15 to 20 seconds...

    did anyone else see that?

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    I'm not able to access my game either. No problems with other non-Storm games.

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