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  • I enjoyed this storybook event

    83 39.71%
  • I didn't enjoy this event

    74 35.41%
  • Got stuck with neighbour requests not coming through

    81 38.76%
  • I didn't finish - random hieroglyphic drops made it impossible

    33 15.79%
  • I didn't finish - ran out of time

    36 17.22%
  • Had to collect during the night

    93 44.50%
  • No gems spent, event completed

    48 22.97%
  • Some gems spent, event completed

    94 44.98%
  • Some gems spent, event unfinished

    26 12.44%
  • Did not participate in this event

    2 0.96%
  • Additional oasis trees for coins in the market would be good

    55 26.32%
  • Collection timers for the tombs too long

    139 66.51%
  • Did not receive any random adventure drops

    130 62.20%
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Thread: Castle Story 8/06: Tomb Raiders | event information on page 1

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    I have completed 1 extra adventure and received another desert cacti, I did not receive an oasis.

    After completing the first 3 adventures, there were 2 oasis' in my inventory.

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    Thanks for the update, HuckleTown! I might hold off on sending any more adventures until Chapter 4 opens, just to stockpile Mysterious Riddles for Seraphina a bit. (I've now completed 6 Adventures with no extra oasis. Only need 50 Oasis Water for lower-level, and 13 Palm Leaves (adventure did drop those nicely) from the grown trees).

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormaurora42 View Post
    Which Goal are you on?
    If you're still on the send adventures one, I believe you won't get any confirmation that you've gotten a Sapling.
    They will appear in your inventory after you get to part 3-4.

    It got buried with the server havoc earlier, but here's my exp from earlier:

    So, If you're already on the tend saplings goal, i'd try clicking the "tend" button from 3.4 or checking your inventory manually.

    And also, i'm not 100% sure but I think Stymie probably progressed on to the tend saplings goal before noticing the Saplings in their inventory too, here's the post to someone else earlier:

    Good luck! ❤️

    Ah, thanks, 3rd adventure has a half hour to go. And I am heading out to our pool so will check back later. Priorities!

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    I am locked out of the game AGAIN, when going back to collect from the 2 hour adventure!

    POtP: after 5-8 mins trying to get in, I finally can, but there's a 30-45 second lag longer than usual...
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    So has anyone been able to get more than the 2 oasis trees? I can't even remember how many adventures I've done but dont seem to drop any longer nothing but the cactus (which I can buy in the Market!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by stormaurora42 View Post
    Have you gotten any additional Saplings from Adventures after completing Goal 3-4 (which was to tend saplings)?
    I have sent upwards of 5 total adventures now and only got the 2 Saplings that had appeared in my inventory after 3-4 started from my lower-level-requirement 3-3 goal (only had to send 2 adventures).
    Dropping in to report that I did get an additional (sappling) tree on my 5th adventure. I am currently on ch. 3, goal 5. Leaving that open while doing more adventures.

    Edit to add: it wasn't a sappling but an adult tree, it comes already grown!

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    I’m on chapter 3 goal 4 of 5 have noticed an unusual deal. My inventory says I have 11 oasis waters but the goal is crediting me with Only 9. Has anyone else noticed that???
    Just checked the goal again, now I Only have 8. Weird

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    I still can?t access the game.

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    Oh well time to collect again, hopefully will have 10 now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyAurore View Post
    I still can?t access the game.
    LadyA, I had to turn my device off and on again and then reload the game

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