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Did anybody noticed,for every event to defeat monsters, each time when collect from toadstool farmhouse we can get monsters required for that event.Most of the time I don't get monsters from farmhouse but everytime I got it from toadstool farmhouse.Any players who don't have toadstool farmhouse,please place it.
Not for me.

I have 2 farmhouses and 1 Toadstool Farmhouse. I haven't had a single Sphinx spawn from my Toadstool farmhouse. The spawn rate usually balances so I get a Sphinx on my 4th or 5th collection from a regular farmhouse (regular, regular, toadstool; regular, Regular- Sphinx!)
I've tried the sequence backwards too and it still just happens to fall on regular- maybe if I had many more of each i'd notice a different pattern!

For my queendom size, The spawn rate seems more important than type of farmhouse. 😊