I admit to not always enjoying the continuous flow of new events, with a new one starting the next day after the old one ends. I participate in them, and I appreciate the new content being added...but it always leaves me wondering: if developers have enough time to generate new events on a regular basis (though it is likely by modifying/updating templates from previous events), why can't they go back and fix some of the glitches that have been present for months (and in some cases, years)?

1. The "3" on the Cowbell tab in the Market
Ever since the introduction of the Smokehouse, the Farmer's Market, and the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cowbells, I have had this "3" attached to the Cowbell tab for the Market. This is the number that usually appears when something new is available, whether for an event or for a sale. However, while those numbers gradually decrease as I scroll through the menus and each added item becomes visible, this "3" has been there for years now. I'm accustomed to seeing it now, but it would still be nice if something were done so that it finally vanishes, instead of always suggesting there are 3 items in the Market that I have not found/cannot see.

2. The Fawn Meadow
For a long time now, the Fawn Meadow pet habitat has been "Locked" in the Market. In the past that status was for habitats intended to be released after a new pet was acquired through an event (such as a world event, which we have not had in a long time), and it unlocked once the pet was earned. Can we either all be given the Fawn Meadow, or be allowed to purchase it, or can it be removed from the Market?

3. Blueberry Bushes
Unless I'm mistaken, the Blueberry Bushes were added to the farm back in December of 2017, along with the Sugar Spinner. However, they still appear on my "New" menu in the Market. It is 2020...no way are the Blueberry Bushes still "New."

4. Non-Expansion Spaces
In the past there have been a few locations that players could not expand to...and then they were made available, but a glitch caused trees that could not be removed to remain in place, overlapping anything placed over them (such as a livestock pen) so that it appeared as though the tree were growing in the pen. Those trees have since been removed, but now there are at least 3 areas on the farm that cannot be expanded to because those same trees (at least, trees that are like the previous ones) are on those spaces. The result is farms that have 4x4 gaps in the middle of otherwise usable space, requiring some awkward arranging and placement of buildings and such as players attempt to make the most efficient (or aesthetic) use of the space available.

I'm not sure what the issue is here. In the beginning, if I remember correctly, when we expanded to spaces that had such trees, they vanished when we expanded over them.

Inactive Buildings Still "Active"
This is not a problem, necessarily, but it is a confusing situation. When visitors come to my farm, sometimes they are able to tap a heart over my Lunar Workshop...a building that has not been used for years. I don't mind that it can still collect hearts, but if this is so, why can't other temporary event-related buildings (such as the Flower Shop and the Florist Shop) be given the same status?

Voiceless Pets
I have noticed that some of the pets--the Surf Dog, for example--seems to have no sounds associated with it. Normally, when I tap on a pet habitat with pets placed within them, there is a sound: meowing at the Cat Bungalow, whinnying at the Pony Pen, oinking at the Piggy Paradise, etc. And I have noticed that the sounds seem to be connected to the pets themselves, rather than the habitat, because a Mummy Dog or Witch Cat placed at the Haunted House has its associated "voice". The Surf Dog, however, does not...and neither do a few other pets that could potentially have voices, such as the Beagle. Can this be fixed?


I know I complain about the continuous stream of events, but I do appreciate the new content. I would appreciate it even more if the issues with the old content could be resolved.

Thank you for your time.