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Thread: Players' Wish List

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    1. Collect all coins button (if not then just have the collect pop up show up only when the habitat is full, not 1/5 full but all the way full)

    2. Store habitats (sometimes I like to switch and redecorate, so being able to store habitat and use other habitat is a good option)

    3. Send to all neighbors (someone else mention)

    4. Increase the food capacity for the Fruitful Fields (even better increase the capacity for gold, dynamite and bomb habitats too)

    5. Dragon locator (someone mentioned)

    6. Bring back old GDPs for sale (50% off or more) especially during Black Friday/Christmas

    7. Have a setting option to make dragons invisible so I could see my habitat layout while I’m rearranging (also reduces lags)

    To be continue...
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    The name says it all
    A higher level limit. We've been at 200 for a level limit for a little over 4 years when it was increased from 150. I suggest raising it to 350 with new goals.
    An elimination of common dragons for events and retire at least 50 common dragons of old events. Also lower the incubation times of Sunrise (make it 8 hours like Virtue), Elder (drop it to 13 hours or retire it), Pegasus (eliminate that one altogether), Titan (lower this one to 16 hours), Penumbra (eliminate this altogether as well and bring back Aether) and Bubble (lower the time to 11 hours).
    Expand World Events to 14 days and bring back the community dragon and place a previously released dragon among the milestones.
    Bring back habitats to Leaderboards between the food milestone and the first dragon and make said habitat hold 5 dragons.
    There's room in the ocean to expand the floating island land - use it. The floating islands have at least room to accommodate 32 more spots (yes, I calculated that).
    Worried about the game crashing? Use a feature where there's land on a second screen. Don't allow breeding or farms on the 2nd island and have a ship to go back and forth like the Arctic Isles.
    Bring the Arctic Isles to Android and expand it. Make it somewhat of a different game than the regular islands. Have the Arctic Isles have their own events and create more dragons unique to that island. There's so much monetary potential in the Arctic Isles and, no, it will not confuse players but it will give a wonderful alternative.
    Have a habitat that houses 3 diamond type dragons that can be purchased with 12 million coins expandable by 100 gold.
    Create a new event bringing the total to 5.
    Bring back Spin To Win more frequently.
    Bring back special editions of the game. Hint: Bring back the Halloween version of the game released in 2015 where the island was nighttime spooky with an alternative theme song.
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    Less greed on prices, land clearing with less product and time, let us get rid of **** in storage to name a few.

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    So many great ideas.

    In addition I wish dragons in storage would appear in the Codex as owned dragons at level 0. I have so many dragons in storage, which are not ordered in any way, so when a dragon is on sale or available for limited breeding I never know if I already have it

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    Quote Originally Posted by lily684 View Post
    *Select All* option when requesting from neighbors instead of having to check off each neighbor individually.
    Yes please!! It's so frustrating as it is. But ALL of the ideas in this thread are excellent - Storm8 please listen!!

    Dragon-locator is another favourite suggestion of mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocalNews View Post
    I would like the dragons to be named what they are. Just having some random, meaningless name attached to them was fine if you just have a few but now there are so many it is hard to locate them without their dragon name. I would also love a search feature where you could type in your dragon and your cursor would go to where it is on the board or if it is the dragon stable it would go,there, If you have multi-les, it would go to your highest level. Do I get three wishes? LOL
    You can actually do this yourself by clicking on the edit button by a dragons name and manually changing it though you are only allowed a certain amount of letters per dragon name which is sometimes a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lily684 View Post
    *select all* option when requesting from neighbors instead of having to check off each neighbor individually.

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