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Thread: Pom Pom Dragon - July 24 2020 (Needed for the Sprite Light Leaderboard Event)

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    Pom Pom Dragon - July 24 2020 (Needed for the Sprite Light Leaderboard Event)

    Rarity: Common
    Type: Fey, Yellow
    Habitat: Fey Portal, Yellow Plateau
    Available at: Level 15
    Buying Price: 400
    Selling Price: 100

    Breeding Combination: White + Yellow (or Fey + Yellow)
    Breeding & Incubation: 4 hours
    Exp Gained: 780

    Good luck! Breed or craft this dragon ASAP and send it out on quests to earn points for you.

    Got it on my second try with Light and Air.



    Good luck to everyone and stay safe
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    Well, air and light in 2 dens 24 hrs both times...oh joy! I like a challenge:-)

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    neo air and neo light - 4 hr , no Pom Pom (
    2 try ... - 24 hr
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    Pom Pom:

    Neo White & Neo Yellow = 10 hours
    Light & Air = 4 hours = Desert
    Light & Air = 24 hours
    Neo White & Neo Yellow = 24 hours
    Light & Air = 9 hours
    Neo White & Neo Air = 4 hours = Tempered
    Neo White & Neo Air = 4 hours = Tempered

    I give up trying to breed. I crafted one to send on quests and I'll craft a second for evolving. Best of luck to everyone still trying for this notCommon dragon.

    Other possible 4 hour outcomes using White & Yellow:

    Desert Dragon
    Tempered Dragon
    Wisdom Dragon
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    Typically, I’ll use a boost and speed breed until I get the dragon needed for the event but I got a leopard and then a sunrise. There’s no way I’m using gold to finish a common dragon that’s 24 hours. Really wish S8 would retire that common dragon should be 24 hours long. Third try this morning was another sunrise so I crafted it.

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    First attempt: Neo Air + Light = 4hrs
    Second attempt: Neo Air + Light = 4hrs
    Third attempt: Neo Air + Light = 4hrs
    Fourth attempt: Air + Light = 4hrs

    So far, all the other stupid garbage. Not speeding up anymore.

    Fifth attempt: Air + Light = 24hrs......

    Sixth attempt: Neo Air + Light = 4hrs (nope)
    Seventh attempt: Neo Air + Light = 10hrs

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    I got this one first go! Never happened before, pretty chuffed. Hoping I can get enough points this event to get one of the prize dragons

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    The name says it all
    Got it with Neo Air and Albino Peacock on the first try.

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    I ended up crafting it. I was busy and in an area with poor wifi/cell reception so I wasn't playing as much and crafted it to have it in the middle of day 3. Usually even if I have to craft it, I have the common dragon by the end of day 2. Oh well...sometimes the real world interferes.

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