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Thread: Castle Story 07/23: Warriors Come Out To Play | event information on page 1

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    Hi all, I will back later this arvy to place all of the goals and prize lists... keep an eye out for updates to page 1 later today. Have a happy day

    Edit: quickly added the prize info to post 2 for you all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilkingdome View Post
    Be careful when you go to purchase rock outcroppings in the market place...there are ?cracked rocks? for 40 gems in the usual place of the rock outcroppings, I spent about 200 gems before I realized it...then the **** game reset and took away all of the gains I had made chopping said rocks, While I was using unlimited energy from the starter pack...then it reset again after the unlimited energy was over and took away my full energy charge...I?m thinking Storm 8 isn?t going to get anymore of my hard earned money until they fix these ?bugs?
    Oh my, that was like really really bad. Hope you opened a case and got them to refund.

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    Love your warrior area!

    Quote Originally Posted by GiselleX16 View Post
    Love this event; I badly need everything for my warrior section!

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    Queendom Name - Hyrule

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    Anyone got to level 4? Got extra energy so trying to collect ahead. Thnx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonecast1935 View Post
    Anyone got to level 4? Got extra energy so trying to collect ahead. Thnx.
    upgrade to Level 2 takes 2 defensive blocks, 2 defensive spikes, 2 armor and 4 Ransom Letters
    Upgrade to Level 3 takes 3 defensive blocks, 3 defensive spikes, 3 armor and 4 Ransom Letters
    Upgrade to Level 4 takes 4 defensive blocks, 4 defensive spikes, 4 armor and 4 Ransom Letters
    Upgrade to Level 5 takes 5 defensive blocks, 5 defensive spikes, 5 armor and 4 Ransom Letters
    Upgrade to Level 6 takes 8 defensive blocks, 8 defensive spikes, 8 armor.
    This is for upper level players.

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    What is up with all the direboars? Can theIr spawn rate from outcropping be adjusted down for this event? I am getting more direboars than fangbeasts— and the direboars as you know are 8 hits! That’s a lot to waste.

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    Larkspur shrubs are also dropping thorny branches.
    Kingdom is Nancelot. I play regularly and try to be very swift to respond to requests.

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    So it's the 2;3;4;5;8 sequence. With 0 ransom notes on level 6.

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    I looked this up and figured others might want this information too.

    Fangbeast sources:

    Cows, Chickens, Pigs, Mink, Swan, Hot Pepper, Carrot, Trees, Stables, Hatchery, Farmhouses, Fangbeast Trap, Glimmeregg Bunny, Season 5 Training Dummy, Shih Tzu, Ugly Goose, Lair of Beasts

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    Didn’t get anything from my sawmills. Does it take more than one visit?

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